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The best European winter surf destinations

Most people in Europe dread the moment autumn and winter arrive at their doorstep. Except for surfers. Winter is the season of beautiful, glassy waves at three of our Lapoint locations in southern Europe. And for the daring of you who are looking for a Baltic challenge, we recommend one of the most beautiful spots on the planet: Norway.

The cold season is a great time to escape the winter depression and go on a trip to make international friends, have the best time and learn what surfing is all about. Here is an easy overview of the best surf destinations for this winter season:

Summer weather surf in Europe during the winter

Canary Islands, Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the perfect winter surf destination in Europe. It is best described as a place you tend to stay for a week or two and end up extending your stay for as long as possible. The island itself has a very minimalistic but extraordinary volcanic landscape, sandy beaches, blue skies and a glassy turquoise ocean.

The mix of friendly Spanish locals and international surf tourism creates great vibes.

The Island has many small restaurants with Spanish specialities like tapas and paella and you are hearing music on every corner. There are also arts and craft markets to visit.


Portugal is just one of a kind. You have probably heard of Nazaré or seen a video of massive waves rolling into shore in a video on social media. But other than those massive waves in the north, Portugal is offering world-class beaches, diverse nature and beginner-friendly waves all year long.

Even if the rest of Europe gets rainy and cold, Portugal is blessed with lots of sun, making winter go by in a blink of an eye.

The combination of a laid-back culture, brilliant coffee, delicious seafood and shared office spaces create a very lucrative destination for digital nomads and long-term travel enthusiasts from all over the world. We have carefully selected two destinations along the diverse coast with its mix of beach, reef and point breaks.

It provides surreal views of turquoise waves crashing onto cliffs and sandy beaches.

Winter weather surf destinations in Europe


Norway is really trying to show us how incredible nature can be. Astonishing Fjords, historic cities, mountains covered in forest and bright blue lakes are just a small part of its beauty. The country is also covered in national parks with glaciers and waterfalls.

Additionally, it is the country of Vikings and you might even get to see the amazing northern lights on your trip to this stunning place on earth.


It's not just the land of spuds, clouds, and Guinness. The fact that this country is a surfer’s paradise, has been a well-kept secret for a long time. They say it is one of the most beautiful countries - if you’re lucky enough to see it on a fine day.


Irelands Westcoast is not only wild in terms of wind and weather; it also offers a wild ocean. If you are looking for an adventure and a unique experience, Ireland's winter waves might provide everything you are seeking. Counties like Clare, Sligo and Donegal have become popular surf destinations in recent years. You can find beautiful beasts at the bottom of the Cliffs of Moher and perfect rolling beginner-friendly waves in the small surf city Lahinch just a few kilometres south. 

United Kingdom

The birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles is surrounded by water, which means there are surf spots to find along the coastline. Winter is the season for surfing and there are plenty of cups of tea available to heat you up after.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

One of the most amazing and epic places is Cornwall, south of England. The bay is covered by pale sand and the water is clear.

Lewis, Outer Hebrides

The waves in Lewis and Harris are said to be one of the most consistent in northern Europe. It is quite a journey to get there but you are welcomed with friendly vibes in the water. Just make sure to be safe when surfing in these spots as a beginner surfer.


Most people would agree on France being a spot for summer surf. But there are still waves in winter. But it has been mentioned that winter surfing in France is done with a bottle of red wine tucked into your wetsuit to keep you warm. Because it does get pretty cold here. At least you will arrive on empty breaks. But waves can get so big over winter that it can be impossible to surf.

La Gravière, Hossegor

Spots like Hossegor are working in autumn and winter. The water and air temperature are colder than on the Canary Islands and the waves can get very big here. 


Lacanau is another well-known surf destination in France. It is best for summer waves, but more experienced surfers enjoy the massive winter swells with barreling waves. 


The surf culture in Denmark has only recently made the news. But thanks to northern storms, it is possible to catch a few waves here and there in winter.

Cold Hawaii, Klitmøller

Klitmøller is the most known place for winter waves in Denmark. There is no sign of palm trees or coconuts but there are many surfers gathering here in winter.

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