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Why Portugal is the best country in Europe for surf lessons

Learning to surf can truly be a fantastic experience, learning to surf in one of the most beautiful places in Europe makes it even better. Whether you want to learn to surf in Ericeira, experience the waves in Alentejo or take your first surf course in Peniche – you won't be disappointed. Here's why Portugal has the best surf in Europe!

What do some of the highest surfed waves in the world, a World Surfing Reserve and the host of world-famous surfing competitions have in common? They are all within the borders of Portugal. A beautiful country with a long coastline, green waves and laid back surfing culture. A must-visit for your next surf trip.

To claim the title of the best country in Europe to learn to surf is a bold move. There are many amazing places, but here are the reasons why our hearts beat the strongest for Portugal as #1. So let's break it down to the why, where and when Portugal is the best country for your surf lessons!

Why Portugal for surf lessons?

From the point of view of a surfer, Portugal is the ideal surfing destination. But why should you choose it? Here are a few quick reasons:

  • Portugal has a great diversity of waves for surfers at any level;

  • Portugal has around 300 sunny days a year, so you will probably have great weather during your sessions in the ocean;

  • The beaches are clean and well taken care of throughout the entire coastline. More than 370 beaches have the Blue Flag status in 2021. The Blue Flag is a standard with strict criteria for environmental responsibility and water quality;

  • The coastline of Portugal's mainland is massive, almost 950 kilometres! This gives countless opportunities to try out different surf spot locations alongside Portugal's coast. A suitable beach to surf is therefore never far away;

  • You can surf all year round;

  • If you plan your trip right, you may time it with a surf competition where you can watch the world-famous surfers take on the Portuguese waves;

  • The amazing food, rich culture and captivating history on its own will make the trip great;


An hour's drive up north from Ericeira is Peniche. Some of Europe's best waves can be found here, Peniche even became a stop for the WSL Champion Tour in 2010. Peniche's famous Supertubos also draws attention from the world each October with the Rip Curl Pro Portugal competition. A popular beginner surf spot in Peniche is Catingo da Baia.

Alentejo coast

South from Lisbon, you will find the long coastline of Alentejo. Alentejo Coast is around 130 kilometres long, which will provide plenty of good surf spots for surfers at all levels. 

Lisbon coast

Portugal's capital is more than a colourful cultural centre. With only a 45 minute drive from Ericeira, the coast of Lisbon delivers good waves all year around. Breaks like Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica are nice to check out. 

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