"Life should feel like this every day"

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Our essence - Good Times

Lapoint is built on Good Times and a free-spirited lifestyle around surfing, yoga & travelling. We believe that the significance of any experience is about connections more than anything else. That's why social interactions are at the heart of all we do, also embedded in the learning experience. This is what we aim to give you; new friends, more skills and unforgettable Good Times.

Our Mindset

Be a Friend

It is simple, we strive to act as a friend to everyone we interact with.

To the Guests, by being cool, and always prepared to go the extra mile when needed.

To the Staff, allowing work to fit within their life and not only the other way around.

To the Environment, continuously striving to find ways to minimize our negative impact and initiate positive actions and programs.

To the Local communities, by hiring local staff, supporting local businesses and embracing local culture.

"Life should feel like this every day."

Our History

The orgin of good times

 It all started on a surf trip to Portugal where childhood friends and dedicated surfers Peter and Sebastian met local Alexandre on a street party in one of Lisbon's old neighbourhoods. The three hit it off right away. In the weeks to come they explored the coast surfing together and became great friends along the way.

The last morning the three scored fun waves with glassy conditions, a light fog, and no one else in the water. When walking up the beach, aware of that this was the last surf of the trip, Sebastian said: 

“Life should feel like this every day.” 

That was the comment that sparked the breakfast conversation that a few months later would lead to Sebastian’s and Alex’s idea of Lapoint. Peter joined the boys shortly after and so did long time friend Göran.

The four have since remained true to their initial ambition. Lapoint has grown quite a bit since that day but still has the same philosophy and still attracting people looking for the same thing. That - Life should feel like this - feeling.

This remains the core of the Lapoint, both for the guests visiting and for the people that work there.

Our last words

I guess we will see you soon?

In the meantime, have a great day from all of us: Katrine, Martin, Sebastian, Göran, Grilo, Joao, Kristina, Calle, Evelina, Anna, Lina, Rui, Brett, Ebba, Ketut, Peter, Made, Steffi, Lovisa, Lahsan, Maren, Maggie, Beatrice, Patricia, Marthe, Rita, Mathilda, Emmi, Alex, Kristina, Mudhi, Dharma and many, many more.

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The beach is our home. We are leaving it better than we found it.

We have made a commitment to our ocean, beaches and community. They are our playground, our home and our livelihood. We are going to leave them better than we found them. That means that all our employees, friends and guests helps out with recycling and taking other actions for the environment. Each week there are beach cleaning and recycling activities to ensure that our home stays the way it was supposed to be.

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