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Our way of teaching surfing

After more than 15 years of holding surf courses and experience teaching people how to surf, our main motivation is still seeing the stoke it brings to our guests. Whether you're a first-timer or a national surfing team athlete, the fantastic feeling of improving your surfing is the same. Over the years, we've developed a proven framework for the different levels, based on three main pillars.

Right background

Similar level of surfers. The more similar the group is in terms of level, the better for everyone. That is why we uses the level system, it's also why we often divide each level in sub groups. This way it is easier for the teachers to find the right conditions and for everyone to feel comfortable get motivated by each others progress.

Right Feedback

Individual feedback is key. We all progress differently, make different mistakes and there is no general recipe that applies to everyone. We know that having small groups and excellent teachers are the answer. The more advanced the surfer gets, the smaller the group needs to be for the teacher to be able to see the mistakes and prioritize his or her feedback.

Right Waves

Choosing the right surf spot for your level - this is key, no matter who you are, and it takes time to figure out what spots work in what conditions. Our coaches are experts at this, and they normally check the spots up and down the coast each day before making the decision of what is the right one for each group.