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Why solo travelling should be on your bucketlist

The thought of travelling solo might seem like a scary idea but, as many have discovered; if you cross the magic line of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the world of solo travellers, a magical journey awaits. Here are the best reasons to travel solo to one of our surf camps.

Step out of your comfort zone

Overcoming the fear of going somewhere new by yourself will definitely give you an adrenaline kick and a whole new sense of being alive. Making the decision and booking a trip by yourself is actually the scariest part. As soon as you are on that flight, headed towards a new undiscovered destination, you will get a strong sense of satisfaction and freedom. Leaving everything you're familiar with behind, to go explore something foreign and remote is actually very healthy for you. It clears your mind and gives you a fresh perspective on life because you don't know what you will experience or who you will meet.

Maybe you find a new passion that changes your life forever or maybe you will meet your soulmate? Who knows, the only way to find out is to get out there and be curious about the unknown. As it’s more comfortable bringing friends or family on a trip, it might actually prevent you from completely stepping into freedom and out of your comfort zone as you are always spending time with someone who reminds you of home. When it’s just you and the destination of your choice, you are more open to new people and new experiences, and that’s what we want when we travel, right?

The liberating feeling of endless possibilities is addictive, and once you have traveled solo, you're likely to do it again. When traveling alone you will also learn more about yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone like that is the perfect way of challenging yourself which is a good way for us to grow.

Boost your confidence

Heading to one of our camps by yourself and learning to surf will challenge you – in the best possible way. You will be surrounded by people in the same situation as you, all wanting to either learn how to surf or improve their surf skills. You will feel motivated by these people wanting to see you improve and succeed. By making new friends during surf lessons and at our camp, you will realize that you're capable of a lot more than you think.

Managing travel, surfing, and social situations in new circumstances by yourself will give you a real, heartfelt confidence boost. It feels AMAZING!

Staying at one of our surf camps when travelling alone is a great choice. Learning the sport you’ve always dreamt of and working hard to improve and learn more, will help you gain the confidence to take on the world. At the same time, you are surrounded by amazing, supportive people with the same passions as you. 

An adventure like this will not only teach you how to face various types of scenarios. However, you will overcome obstacles, knowing you did it without leaning on someone else to make you feel stronger. It will teach you how to make your own decisions! This feeling gives you a new confidence boost and you will handle similar situations better in the future. This is a great skill to take with you as being confident in yourself is important when it comes to making important decisions in the future. Solo travellers often go home more comfortable showing up as their true, authentic self without fearing judgment from others which is SO important!

Make friends for life

About 25% of our guests are traveling solo. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to connect with your fellow travelers. In many ways, it's almost easier to make new friends when you are by yourself, as an open and curious vibe attracts people. 

Staying at one of our surf camps is a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world. You will feel how the world connects and unites by traveling as the people around you will be from all different parts of the world but, are all there doing the exact same thing you are. No matter what culture you come from or what age you are everyone at the camp welcomes you so well and everyone connects so well. After a couple of days, you all start to feel like a family. This feeling is truly unique and one of the main reasons why people enjoy staying at our camps and decide to come back. 

By being surrounded by travelers from foreign countries, engage you in another way. You will quickly realize how much more interesting conversations are when you get to know new people from different backgrounds and how it leads to gaining new perspectives and a better understanding of how the world works. When you open yourself up to these travelers you might be surprised, think about how much you can learn from them and their culture. How much they can show you, and how much they've seen. All of a sudden you are embracing and opening yourself up to new adventures and new travels together. The opportunities are limitless. 

At all our surf camps we have social hosts who organize fun activities that everyone can participate in. The social hosts will make it easy for people to get to know each other. If you are shy or think it is a bit uncomfortable to meet new people, it will help with getting to know your fellow travelers through fun activities and adventures. Being open-minded and curious when traveling alone is how you end up making friends for life. Years later, you will look back and thank yourself for making a brave decision like that.

The world is your playground 

Have you waited for friends, who say they are going to join but never really commit to it - and then the trip ends up never happening? Or shown interest in learning how to surf but, your friends don't seem that interested? Who cares, you go learn how to surf on your own and have the best time of your life!  If 2020 taught us anything it would be that we never know what the future holds and therefore, we shouldn't wait around to do what we want.

Don't sit around and wait for the perfect time to go, decide when YOU want to go, and make it the adventure of a lifetime!

By adventuring alone you will be more flexible and you can start ticking off from your bucket list without waiting for the right time. By traveling solo, you are your own boss, you make your own decisions on where to go and when to go. Travelers who go on adventures solo, often talk about how it helped them feel more independent and empowered. They usually come back home feeling like a whole new person with a fresh perspective on life and interesting stories to tell. Solo travel represents freedom, independence, and wanderlust. It allows you to create your own schedule and the right path suited for how you want to do it!

The world is out there waiting for you, and the best thing you can do is starting to explore it yourself! 

At our surf camps, you'll connect with like-minded people. Not only do you make new friends, but you also make friends who share the same desire as you: to explore the world. Many travelers continue adventuring together with their new travel buddies. Suddenly planning your next adventure is a lot easier when you have "doers" that are onboard and want the same things as you!

Get up and out there! We cant wait to see you at one of our camps in the future!

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