Surf Camp Bali - Indonesia

Are you ready for surf camps among beaches and palm trees, and to surf perfect waves in warm, boardshorts friendly oceans? All of our surf camps are located in places we love, but Bali is and will always be a really unique surf trip getaway.

A surf trip to Bali

There’s a reason why millions of people travel to Indonesia every single year; the postcard worthy moments are all around you and it’s also the place where the world’s best surfers travel to catch the waves of their life, with high cliffs and mile long beaches in the background. Bali is mostly a Hinduistic island that has managed to keep most of its original culture, so you’ll be able to update your Instagram wherever you go with photos of temples, rice fields and traditional architecture. Bali will with its top of its class culture, friendly locals, amazing landscapes and chill vibe not only offer a great surf trip, but also an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Surf, palm trees and laughter

We know how exciting it is to get on an airplane and travel around the world and see a paradise of beaches, palm trees and Asian culture when you arrive, but we also know how important it is to have someone to share the moments with. The surf camps in Bali are put together so you, whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, will meet new people that you can both enjoy Bali and a drink at the beach with. A key ingredient at our camps is the social aspect, represented by open and including social staff at the camp. During your time with us you’ll be able to join in on many social activities and get new friends that will maybe last a lifetime. We will do our outmost to make your trip to Asia and Bali the best one ever.

Our surf camps in Bali

We have two surf camps in Indonesia, both located in Bali and both truly amazing. One is located in Canggu, just north of Kuta and Seminyak. Here you’ll have almost whatever you want of nightlife, restaurants in all shapes and colors, along with some shopping, accompanied with a really chill and laidback vibe. Our other camp is located in Gianyar, located on the east side of Bali and features an epic beach access and chill vibe at the camp. Both surf camps in Bali promise good times and a great surf trip. Have a look under and find your favourite.