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Why Ericeira, Portugal is the PERFECT European Getaway

Taking a summer vacation in southern Europe is a great way to rejuvenate the soul once you’ve had it with cold mornings and bulky clothing. The combination of fun activities, fascinating culture, and fantastic food & wine makes Ericeira, Portugal the perfect getaway close to home for Europeans, especially after over a year of COVID-life.

We're all done with being stuck, so here are our top reasons for a visit to Ericeira, Portugal this summer:

Experience a traditional Portuguese town

Ericeira is a small coastal town in the west of Portugal, with traditional fishermen’s cottages and cozy cobblestoned roads. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoor cafés and indulge in the delicious food you can find on every corner. Sunny days make this charming town come to life! The nightlife is not to be left unseen either, so get ready for calm days and hectic evenings.


Enjoy stunning hikes

Being a coastal town, Ericeira has heaps of beautiful walks that take you past rolling green hills and picturesque beaches. The gentle breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and the spectacular views are sure to breathe life back into the body!

Get an energy boost

Kickstart the warmer season and get an energy boost from yoga, surfing, CrossFit, or running. What about a morning run or yoga at the beach, surrounded by majestic cliffs and blooming flowers? Our camp Quinta Lizandro in Ericeira is situated just five minutes from the beach – an ideal location for those looking for an active holiday. We even have a skate bowl and outdoor gym, so there’s something for everyone!

Discover Lisbon

Situated just 30 minutes by car from Lisbon, Ericeira is the best of two worlds; both beautiful beaches and a charming capital city are within close reach. Lisbon has received a lot of attention in the last few years and is getting increasingly popular due to its charming atmosphere, cool architecture, urban art, and mouth-watering food.

Great value for your money

Traveling to the south of Europe is generally cheaper than most European neighbors, so look out for bargains and set price alerts for airfare search sites such as Momondo and Skyscanner. Getting cheap plane tickets to Lisbon means you can properly treat yourself during your stay in Ericeira! These are the average costs for enjoying the flavors and transport services in Ericeira.

- Meal: 15 EUR

- Coffee: 1,5 EUR

- Beer: 1,5 EUR

- Taxi to Lisbon: 55 EUR

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