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Top 6 surf spots in Ericeira, Portugal

Are you looking for the best surf spots in Ericeira? This Portuguese fishing village has put its name on the global surf map thanks to its diverse waves and beautiful surroundings. Here are our six favourite spots for beginners to learn to surf in the Ericeira area. 

When arriving in Portugal at the Lisbon airport, the surf town of Ericeira is only a 45-minute drive away. Ericeira, even known as the surf capital of Europe, with its eight kilometres of coastline is the home of many beaches with different types of breaks. From beginner-friendly spots at the heart of the old town to famous world-class spots where some of the best surfers in the world have caught waves.

There’s something for every level and beginners can surf in Ericeira throughout the whole year if they know where to go.

The 6 best surf spots in Ericeira

Here we list our top six beginner surf spots to try out when paying a visit to the town. The list is starting at the southern part of Ericeira and working its way up north:

Why should you learn to surf in Ericeira? 

– First of all, Ericeira is a really beautiful town and the view that we have from the water is amazing. I think the main reason people come here to surf is that we have some of the best waves in Europe, it's a place that fits everyone from a beginner to an advanced surfer. Due to our coast, we have high-performance waves for the advanced surfers but we also have super easy waves for the ones who just got started. 

Something that I think is great with Ericeira is that you can be surfing at one place with small and easy waves, then get into your car and after a two-minute drive you can surf a perfect wave, said our head surf coach Rui Henriques, at our Ericeira camp.

What's the worst part of surfing in Ericeira?

– In my opinion, I would say that a problem with surfing here is that there are a lot of people who start to surf without knowing the rules or how to behave in the water. We have bigger crowds now than before, so it is extra important to know the rules. But there are good things that come from the bigger crowds too since we are a surf town we live a lot on tourism and it provides jobs for the local people. We should collectively focus more on teaching people how to behave in the water for everyone to be safe and have a good time, said Henriques.

Check out this post to read more about surf ethics and the rules in the water.

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