Best Co-Working Spaces in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a digital ex-pat paradise because of its cloudless weather, picture-perfect beaches, and co-working spaces with high-speed internet. 

Are you planning to visit Portugal soon and wondering where you can find the best co-working spaces in Lisbon? Here is a list of some great places for you to co-work in Lisbon.

Where to Work in Lisbon

Co-working spaces Ericeira

If you want to co-work in Portugal while also make amazing ex-pat friends and learning how to surf, check out our co-working community in Ericeira. Ericeira is a beautiful and cozy town located just a 40-minute drive away from Lisbon. This town is home to some of Portugal's most pristine beaches, and it also has cheap beer, a fun nightlife scene, and fantastic views.

Our Ericeira Camp is just a twenty-minute walk from the center and is beautifully perched on the top of a cliff. When you stay here, you'll wake up to breathtaking overlooking views of the beach and the entire city that will make you never want to leave. 

The camp was once a winery, but it has since been reconstructed into a cutting-edge surfing school and co-working getaway that is the perfect spot for digital nomads.

Choosing Ericeira over Lisbon will also mean that you’ll leave in a small town with a vibrant community, where Fridays after-work will be something you will look forward to seeing your friends.

Watch a day in the life of living and co-working in Ericeira, Portugal.

Second Home Lisboa

Second Home is a unique co-working space in Portugal known for its’ many plants (over 1,000!) and its beautiful natural lighting. 

You will love co-working here because your membership will give you access to much more than just a great place to work. Each week you can attend a weekly cultural event or participate in their Wellness Programme, including surfing lessons, yoga, pilates, or meditation sessions.

The Base Coworking

The Base coworking space in Lisbon is located in the heart of the city, just one street over from Avenida Liberdade. You can come here to work on your business, freelancing, or startup and experience a sense of community. This chill space has an open floor plan with multiple lounging areas, private suites, an on-site kitchen, and even showers in the restrooms.

The Base’s location is truly top tier. Walk around for some afternoon exercise or take a coffee break at one of the nearby cafes. Working at the Base will also give you multiple networking opportunities so you can connect with other like-minded ex-pats and nomads.

Idea Spaces

Have you ever worked in a palace? Head over to Lisbon’s famous area of Palacio Sotto Mayo for a modern work environment in a superb location. This 2,500m space has members from around the world who you can collaborate with off the clock. A coffee shop is found onsite for your caffeinated needs, plus there are multiple meeting rooms, phone booths, and a large event auditorium.

With a membership at Idea Spaces, you will actually be able to co-work in all three of their co-working spaces in Lisbon- Palacio Sotto Mayo, Saldanha, and Parque das Nacoes, which are spread out around the city.

Piece of Work

Piece of Work co-working space offers a young and comfy atmosphere for digital nomads and business owners. Piece of Work Campolide is found in the center of Lisbon within a traditional and quaint neighborhood. 

A membership here will bring you numerous services, like their high-speed internet, free coffee and tea, private offices, phone booths, and more. There’s even a leisure room for you to spend time chilling during well-deserved breaks!

Avila Spaces

Avila Spaces is one other co-working space in Lisbon that has a beautiful modern design and great location. Right next to Saldanha train station, Avila is super easy to reach and is the perfect spot for productive working days. 

You’ll be able to choose your membership level from their five available plans. Even with the basic plan, though, you will have access to the workstation lounge, numerous workshops and network activities, and a community kitchen with unlimited coffee and tea (and, most importantly, free beer!).

Liberdade 229

The final best co-working space in Lisbon on our list is Liberdade 229. This space is small compared to some other places to work in Lisbon, but it’s unique because it’s open 24/7. Most of the co-working spaces in Lisbon close at 7 or 8 pm at the latest, so Liberdade is ultimately the perfect go-to co-working space for night owls.

Liberdade is located in a fantastic location in the center of Lisbon, and it can easily be reached using the Yellow or Blue metros or multiple bus lines that meet right near Liberdade’s doorstep. Your membership will provide you with your very own desk, unlimited delicious coffee, plus unlimited time in phone and meeting booths.

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