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Best places to learn how to surf 2024

Have you always wanted to learn how to surf but don't know where to start? Are you wondering where the best place to learn how to surf is? Today, we will answer that for you! We are here to help you accomplish your goals and dreams in surfing. Here are the best countries to learn how to surf in 2024. 

Is it time to book your first-ever surf holiday but don’t know where in the world to go? First thing first: congratulations, you’re about to make memories for a lifetime! Second thing: There are many amazing locations to choose between, and we get how that might feel overwhelming. Therefore, we made a list of the best places where you can learn how to surf.

Here is an easy overview of the six best countries you can learn how to surf in 2024:

  • Portugal

  • Fuerteventura

  • Costa Rica

  • Sri Lanka

  • Bali, Indonesia 

  • El Salvador

Portugal: The surf capital of Europe

Our top picks for the best places to surf in Portugal: Ericeira, Alentejo and Peniche.

Beautiful Portugal, home to some of the greatest surf spots in all of Europe. Offering great waves suitable for all levels, Portugal has become Europe's most visited surfing destination and is a great place to learn how to surf! 

Why choose Portugal to learn how to surf?

Since Portugal is the most affordable country in Western Europe and offers budget-friendly flights. It's a great choice for a surf trip, whether you are thinking of traveling solo or with a group of friends. Half an hour up the coast from Lisbon is where you'll find our camp in Ericeira, known for being an international surfing mecca. In this area is where you'll find the best beaches to learn how to surf in Portugal.  

This Portuguese fishing village quickly transformed into a surfer's mecca because of the powerful and reliable surf. Although more and more surfers visit Ericeira from all over the world, it has not ruined the authentic Portuguese feeling. Ericeira is about as Portuguese as you can get, it's all about wandering the streets grabbing a coffee and some good local food after a morning surf.  

The town has a perfect fusion of trendy cafes, surf shops, traditional seafood restaurants, and some bars. Giving you a relaxed daytime scene and a lively nightlife that kicks off after midnight.  

Portugal's shores have always been famous for its wave diversity and being one of the world's best surf destinations. Wave after wave pound this glorious coastline, and no matter how the conditions are, there is most certainly an offshore wave somewhere close by. In Ericeira, you are surrounded by majestic nature and 8 kilometers of pristine coastline.  

You will find beach breaks, point breaks, and reef breaks to suit a range of different surfing styles and skill levels. Surfers that come here can't stop raving about it.

After a car ride to the more southern part of Portugal, you’ll reach the beautiful area of Alentejo. Here you’ll find never-ending beaches and amazing waves, perfect to play around in and learn the basics of surfing. We have a surf camp in Alentejo, located a bit off the radar in the country side with a true surf vibe.

Fuerteventura: The desert meets azure blue waves

Since Fuerteventura is closer to Africa than to the mainland in Spain, the island will give you a unique mix of European and African influence. Giving you ethereal landscapes, year-round sunny weather, and incredible waves, you will have yourself an unforgettable surf trip in Fuerteventura in 2024.  

Why choose Fuerteventura for your first surf adventure? 

In Fuerteventura, learning how to surf will be a relaxing experience on deserted beaches with many mellow waves, perfect for learning. The water stays warm with an average temperature between 22°C and 23°C. It is an excellent destination for beginner surfers thanks to the beginner beach breaks being accessible all year round.  

Fuerteventura is often referred to as the European answer to Hawaii. As soon as you arrive you feel the hang-loose, summer vibes. The island has volcanoes, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, regular wind, and an ocean with consistent waves. The locals call it “La Isla Tranquila” referring to the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere and the hippie surf culture.  What could be better than this?

Experience these good vibes at our Fuerteventura surf camp. Start your day with a morning session on the sandy beaches, come back to our camp, eat some delicious food, and jump in the pool for a refreshing swim to cool off. It is a true escape from the busy touristy feeling while you are still close to all the best surf spots on the island. You will find yourself more connected to nature and the ocean but still get to experience authentic Spanish culture in cafes, restaurants, and bars nearby.

Costa Rica: A remarkable surf adventure in a tropical paradise

Our top pick for the best place to surf in Costa Rica: Santa Teresa.

Connect with Costa Rica's Pura Vida lifestyle while learning how to ride the waves. If you are looking for a tropical paradise where the jungle meets the ocean, Costa Rica is it for you!  Costa Rica is, according to us, one of the best countries to surf in, while combining the trip with action-packed adventures.

Why choose Costa Rica to surf for the first time? 

Costa Rica delivers on its promise of the Pura Vida lifestyle. If you are a fan of sustainable eco-adventures, you will love this place. Go zip-lining through the jungle, meet the curious monkeys, explore stunning waterfalls, and surf on beautiful beaches fringed with tropical jungles. End your day by dancing the night away under the palm trees.  

One thing we admire about this destination is the genuine surf culture feel Costa Rica has. Surfing plays a huge part in the Costa Rican lifestyle and many locals combine surfing with their day-by-day life. When you visit Costa Rica, you will probably see young people go surfing after school or work. The surf culture here is real!    

Surfing in Costa Rica is magnificent thanks to the great waves on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts offering waves suitable for all levels of surfers. Playa Santa Teresa on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is where you'll find our Costa Rica camp. This is a true surf and nature lover's paradise. We are stoked to have one of our homes here.

Sri Lanka: The pearl of the Indian Ocean

Our top picks for the best places to surf in Sri Lanka: Ahangama and Weligama.

When surfing in Sri Lanka you are surrounded by nearly 1600 kilometers of palm-fringed coastline. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country located just south of India in the Indian Ocean. With friendly people and impressive landscapes, you will find yourself learning how to surf with good company and stunning scenery wherever you go. Not only does Sri Lanka have flourishing wildlife, an inspiring history, and a rich culture that links to both India and Southeast Asia, it has also made it to the list of the best places to learn how to surf.   

Why choose Sri Lanka for your first surf trip? 

It is an unbelievably affordable destination suitable for solo travelers, duos and groups! A place with endless adventure opportunities. Take a trip to the misty mountain tops, explore beautiful waterfalls in the rainforests and search for wild elephants on a safari all while learning how to surf.   

Sri Lanka is famous for its great beaches with soft, golden sand and fun waves for every surfer. You will find long, slow, consistent waves that a first-timer can handle without a problem!  

Our Sri Lanka camp is located on the Southwest coast in beautiful Ahangama only minutes from the ocean. We are located in less crowded sections of the coastline which makes it an ideal spot for learning. With a variety of user-friendly waves and fewer people in the lineup, you will have a better experience learning how to catch the perfect wave. In this area, you will find a variety of quality beach and reef breaks catering to all levels of experience.

Bali, Indonesia: The backpackers favourite

So, you want to learn how to surf in Bali? Excellent choice. To many, Bali is the best place to learn surfing in the world.

Think “Bali” and beautiful nature, great surf and good vibes immediately come to mind. If you mention Bali anywhere in the world you will probably be told about the epic waves and spirited surf culture in this natural paradise. Bali is a perfect location for any adventurous soul hoping to learn to surf. 

Why choose Bali for your first surf experience?

There are countless reasons to learn one of the greatest sports here. Bali is a surfer's dream. With surf spots all over the island, serving waves suitable for all skill levels, you will find yourself your own perfect wave. Thousands of surfers from all over the world come here to surf these amazing waves and to be close to the unique and laid-back surf culture. Most cannot bear to leave and make it their home.   

Combine surf lessons with day trips to explore Bali's natural beauty and hidden gems. As soon as you step on Balinese land, you're entering an exciting new world of adventure, good vibes, and rich culture. Hidden beaches, historical temples, glorious mountains, and gorgeous waterfalls are just some of the natural wonders you will explore here. You will also be greeted by amazing Balinese people who are noted to be some of the most gracious and cultured people on earth.   

Considered the best place to learn how to surf in Bali, our Bali camp is located in Canggu. The beaches around this area offer beautiful beach breaks which is what you should be surfing as a beginner. In Canggu, you will be surrounded by an artsy vibe with an incredible food scene, fun shops, many concerts, and bars. At the same time, Canggu is not as packed and touristy compared to Kuta and Seminyak which makes it perfect for learning.

El Salvador: The hidden surfer's paradise

Our top picks for the best places to surf in El Salvador: El Sunzal and El Tunco.

There truly is something special about this small country in the heart of Central America. El Salvador might not be the first country that comes to mind when booking a surf trip, but there are plenty of reasons why it should be. El Salvador offers beginner-friendly waves as well as 300-meter rides and magnificent barrels for the more experienced surfers. This is a great place to learn how to surf or improve your surfing skills in 2024. 

Why choose El Salvador for my first surf holiday?

At our surf camp in El Salvador, you’ll find amazing waves right outside the door. The surf spot outside our home is called El Sunzal (just like the town where the camp is located) and is the perfect beach break for beginners to learn how to surf. You’ll enter and exit the waves in a safe way and surf one-on-one with an experienced surf instructor. 

After a five-minute beach walk from the camp, you’ll reach a town called El Tunco (also known as “Surf City”) where you’ll find a great surf vibe with like-minded people, amazing food and vibrant nightlife.

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