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How to improve your surfing through coaching

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer; having a good surf coach can be a truly amazing way to improve your surfing. Here you’ll see why surf coaching is something to consider to level up your game and also a sneak peek at how we do coaching here at Lapoint!

Going out into the ocean alone can be a great experience, just you and the breathtaking ocean and nature around it. But it can also be dangerous and frustrating, and a way harder way to improve than if you would enter the water with a coach or experienced friend. 

Surfing with a coach is the best way for beginners to learn how to surf, but getting help from a coach will help even the most experienced surfer. So having a surf coach can be your key to levelling up your surfing, no matter your level. With help from our Global surf manager, João Durão, let’s dive into it!

Why should you have a surf coach to help you get better at surfing?

– Good coaching is important for your improvement and evolution as a surfer, an athlete and even as a person. It will allow you to get a training ethic, and learn how to be responsible, humble, focused, committed and motivated in surfing as well as in your day to day life. Even the best surfers have coaches such as Gabriel Medina,John John Florence and Kanoa Igarashi. So never think you reached a point in your surfing where you won’t need advice and guidance! We all need it, said Durão.

Also, when getting coaching from a more experienced surfer you will get many great tips and tricks to improve your surfing manoeuvres. 

At the camp – How do you coach surfing at Lapoint?

Let’s keep it real, it’s not an easy task to learn how to surf. It’ll be time-consuming and you’ll feel frustrated, but it’ll be both much easier and a lot more fun to learn with a coach at a surf school. And the fun will only accelerate the better and more confident you get! 

– Here at our camp we offer surfing courses in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and guiding. At each level, we’ll make different coaching goals according to your needs and expectations. Some surfers come to our camp to strictly focus on surfing and others want to combine the surf with having a good time. So we try to adapt our coaching to you and the group’s needs and expectations! Being a coach here is a true experience and I get to live the dream of surfing every day while interacting with people from so many cultures, says Durão. 

In all levels of coaching of Lapoint camps, you will learn: 

  • Surf etiquette and rules 

  • Surf safety 

  • Ocean observation and forecast 

  • Surfing technique and drills/exercises 

– We will always try to be personal with our clients and give them individual daily follow up and feedback. The ratio in the groups can change from destination to destination but we can assure you that our experienced coaches will give professional detailed coaching to all equally and precisely, says Durão.

What are the different course levels of our surf camp?

The surf journey

Do you want to know more about learning to surf through coaching? Learn all about it here and hopefully, we’ll see you at one of our camps! 

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