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Surfing in Denmark - the spot guide

Surfing in Denmark has in the recent years become something that most Scandinavian surfers have heard about, but still continues to be an unknown territory for many of us. We sat down with Mor Meluka, a Danish surfer living in Klitmøller, who provided us with solid insights on the best known spots in Denmark.

The area “Thy” on the northwest coast of Jylland is where 90 % of all the best surf spots are located. This is just a boat and/or car ride from Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The most common way of getting there is by bringing your car on the ferry to Hirtshals from either Oslo or Gothenburg, and drive down 1,5 hours and you’re straight in the surfing-zone.

 We made a little surf guide for you to use when planning your next surf trip to Denmark and providing you with a better understanding of where to go, which spots work in the different conditions and how to get there

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The guide is made in collaboration with Cold Hawaii Surf Camp – see the full spot guide here:

 Next week we’ll run an interview with Mor Meluka who provided us with these local insights. He’s one of the best surfers in Denmark, a surf shop owner, surfboard shaper and a lot more. Stay tuned!

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