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Are you an intermediate surfer?

What is an intermediate surfer? When do you know that your surfing has improved from the beginner level and you’re ready to advance to tougher conditions? With the help of Rui Henriques, our head surf coach in Ericeira, we answer these questions and give three intermediate surfing tips!

What are your best intermediate surfing tips?

Tip number 1: Improve your take off

– The first tip that I can give you if you want to advance from beginner to intermediate is to get the basics right. Once you are in the white water you need to be able to catch whichever wave you want and to be super consistent in practising your take-off technique. Once you move to the outside and start catching unbroken waves, you should be able to stand up on the board even if you are with your eyes closed. You shouldn't keep your eyes closed though, but that’s how confident you should be with your take off!

Tip number 2: Your position on the board

– It is important to focus on having a good paddling position on the board when you are laying down. After you pop up, you also need to focus on your standing position on the board. Once you are up, you need to have a strong and balanced position and place yourself right on the board. 

Tip number 3: Surf as much as you can

– Try to stay in the water for as long as possible to have as many hours of surfing as you can. Even if you have some days where you don't catch many waves, you’re nose-diving, you paddle too much or you don’t paddle enough. It’s all part of the game and it happens to everyone. Focus on what you can do and what you can improve. You can’t only focus on wanting to do a cutback or a snap, it’s too advanced for you. As a beginner or an intermediate surfer, you should think more along the lines of  “I like being in the ocean, being around people and watching other surfers”. You will go through some hard days before you start surfing better. Just be consistent in surfing, enjoy and one day you’ll become an intermediate surfer!

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