Surfing in Ahangama, Sri Lanka - The ultimate surf guide

Are you ready for a surfing adventure in beautiful Sri Lanka? We guide you through everything you need to know to have the best surf camp experience in beautiful Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island of delicious curries, gorgeous jungle scenery and amazing waves. Here are all the basics that you'll need to know to enjoy your surf holiday to the fullest, from what to bring with you, where to stay and how to get around. Welcome to Sri Lanka, a world-famous tropical surf paradise where surfers of all levels will have the time of their lives!

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Where to stay: Why should you choose our home in Ahangama?

Well, we are biased in this question, so the fact that we’re saying that the best surf camp in Ahangama is our Lapoint camp probably won't come as a surprise. But why is it the best option in our opinion?

Great surf camp location

Our camp is located across the road from a beautiful beach called Kabalana Beach, where you can go to watch incredible sunsets on the rocks. It’s a great place for a calm beach walk and a nice surf spot when the conditions allow. The camp is located in Ahangama, on Sri Lanka’s southern coast, just a few minutes tuk-tuk ride to restaurants and shops. There are tuk-tuks stationed outside the camp who are ready to give you a ride wherever you want to go in the area; a surf spot, out for a nice meal, go shopping or maybe visit a tea plantation – they take you there! We have tried our best to negotiate fixed prices for you to avoid any concerns about overcharging. There is a price list at the camp for all the most popular spots in the area.

A home for away from home

The surf camp atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing (except for our fun parties of course!). The camp has everything you’ll need for the surf trip of your dreams! You’ll be living close to the ocean surrounded by coconut trees. Social hosts are living at the camp to welcome you upon your arrival. They are there to help you out during your stay, answer any questions you have about the stay or the surrounding area and keep you company at the camp. They will also organize fun pool parties, beach cleanups and other activities for the guests to get to know each other and have the best time possible.

The best of the local specialties: What to eat in Sri Lanka?

There is so much delicious food that you simply must try when visiting Sri Lanka. You’ll see that rice and curry are very popular in the country, and it’s both delicious and affordable! Rice and curry can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are some of our Sri Lankan food favorites:

Weather and seasons: When’s the best time to visit Ahangama, Sri Lanka for surfing?

Sri Lanka is a tropical island which makes the weather humid and hot. The temperature is usually between 24-30 degrees Celsius throughout the year in Ahangama, with more rainy days during the wet season, with November usually being the month with the rainiest days. The dry season in Sri Lanka is between January to March and the wet season is from April to December.  

So, which is the best month to surf in Sri Lanka? Well, that depends on your surf level and what you want to get out of your stay. If you're coming to Sri Lanka as a beginner surfer, you can come all year round. The conditions will be great for you to learn how to surf no matter which months you choose to come. We recommend surfers who are intermediate or more advanced to come here between November and April.

How warm is the water? The water temperature in Sri Lanka is around 28 degrees Celcius throughout the year.

What to do when you’re not surfing: Activities to remember for a lifetime

What is there to do around Ahangama? Well, besides surfing, there are plenty of amazing places to see and memorable activities to do! How about seeing wild elephants on a jungle safari or jumping from a waterfall in a rainforest?

Packing: What should I bring for my Sri Lanka surf trip?

Now that we know what to expect, let’s get ready for the packing! Here is a general list of things to bring and one list that is more surf-related:

Sri Lanka: General packing

  • Passport: Make sure to bring your passport and see that it is valid for at least six months from your arrival date. Confirm that your travel documents meet the requirements by checking with your travel provider. 

  • Cash: bring a bit of cash with you, you can easily exchange money or withdraw cash at the airport. 

  • A reusable water bottle: preferably one in stainless steel that keeps the water cold. Sri Lanka is a warm country throughout the year, so you're doing yourself a favor by always keeping a bottle of cold water with you. We have water stations to fill up your bottle at our surf camp. 

  • Sunscreen: The sun is strong in Sri Lanka, even on cloudy days! You can get sunscreen around Ahangama, but the main brands sold in the stores aren't of the greatest quality. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your skin, which is why we recommend you bring plenty of Oxybenzone-free sunscreen with you prior to arriving. 

  • Mosquito spray: We recommend you bring a good mosquito spray from home since it can be tricky to find mosquito spray of good quality in Sri Lanka. 

  • A pair of pants and a long sleeve: it's a good idea to put on something that covers your arms and legs during the evening because that is the time when the mosquitos are most active. 

  • Summer clothes: The temperature is warm throughout the year in Sri Lanka, so thin summer clothes are good to bring for the warm days in the sun.

  • Something warm: Even though Sri Lanka has warm temperatures both day and night, the AC in the rooms can feel quite chilly. So bringing something on the warmer side is a good idea to make sure that you are comfortable.

Sri Lanka: Surf-related packing

  • Surfboards: If you want to bring your own surfboard to Sri Lanka, we encourage you to! We offer surfboards at our surf camp and you are free to use them throughout your stay, even outside of the surf lessons. Don’t forget to bring a spare leash and fins if you bring your own board. 

  • Surfboard bag: Unfortunately, getting dings on surfboards isn't too uncommon when flying to Sri Lanka. So make sure that you pack your board nicely in a good surfboard bag to keep it as protected as possible. 

  • Zink: Zink is a good thing to bring with you to protect the more sensitive parts of your body from the sun (like the nose and cheeks), we sell zink in different colors at the camp. 

  • Beach towel/surf poncho: Bringing a towel or a surf poncho is a good idea to dry yourself before jumping into the tuk-tuk on your way back from the surf spot. It’s also a good thing to bring on a beach day. We provide shower towels at the camp.

  • Sarong: It isn´t acceptable to just wear a bikini/bathing suit in Sri Lanka outside of the beaches, so it’s easy and convenient to wrap a sarong around you on your way to and from the beach. 

  • A first aid kit and waterproof bandaids: There is a lack of medicine on the island, so make sure to pack some first aid kit essentials. Bringing waterproof bandaids in different sizes is good in case you get cuts from the reefs or scrape up your knees. The waterproof bandaids in Sri Lanka do not have the best quality so it's better to bring one from home. 

  • Bikinis, boardshorts and rash guards: Sri Lanka’s warm waters do not require you to wear a wetsuit! Just make sure that you wear a pair of board shorts/swimsuit/bikini that is suitable for surfing. 

  • Leggings and long sleeves: Maybe these aren't the first pieces of clothing that one might think of when packing for a hot destination like Sri Lanka, but they can be the savior of the vacation! It’s common to get rashes from the surfboard so it’s a good idea to give your skin a layer of protection if you get burned. 

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The beach is our home. We are leaving it better than we found it.

We have made a commitment to our ocean, beaches and community. They are our playground, our home and our livelihood. We are going to leave them better than we found them. That means that all our employees, friends and guests helps out with recycling and taking other actions for the environment. Each week there are beach cleaning and recycling activities to ensure that our home stays the way it was supposed to be.

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