Surfing in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands - The ultimate surf guide

Looking for a surf adventure in Europe? Then this desert island with its great surf spots and gorgeous nature might be just the place for you! Fuerteventura is located in the Atlantic Ocean just outside the coast of Morocco. The environment is quite unique with its desert landscape surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue water. Here’s all you need to know about Fuerteventura before arriving at one of the Canary Islands.

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Transportation: How do I get around in Fuerteventura?

Arriving and departing to and from the surf camp

You’ll get picked up from the airport with Lapoint’s shuttle and the ride to the camp takes about 30 minutes. The shuttle drives along the coastline so get ready for some amazing views on your way to the camp.

Getting around in Fuerteventura

Renting a car during your stay in Fuerteventura is a good idea to get around and explore the island. There are plenty of car rentals around and it won’t be too expensive if you rent together with a friend or a group! 

If renting a car isn't in your plans then don’t worry, you will be fine without a car too! If you want to see the nearby towns, Cotillo and Corralejo, there will be buses going there a few times a day. There are also taxi services available. 

Delicious local food: What to eat in Fuerteventura?

Don’t miss out on the traditional cuisine when visiting Fuerteventura. Fish is one of the most popular foods on the island thanks to Fuerteventura’s close connection to the ocean. Here’s our list of some of our favorite foods from the Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands.

Traditional Canary Island food
  • Gofio Escaldado: A must-try when visiting the Canary Islands is Gofio Escaldado. Gofio is a kind of flour from the Canaris. The Gofio Escaldado can be served as an appetizer and you’ll get chopped onion pieces with it to use as spoons. Is on the list of foods with a protected designation of origin by the European Commission.

  • Papas Arrugadas: A boiled potato dish that usually is served with a mojo (which means sauce). Mojo originates from the Canary Islands and comes in three main variations. You can eat the dish with mojo verde (green mojo), mojo rojo (red mojo) and mojo picón (red mojo with extra spice).

  • Majorero cheese: A cheese with a nutty and milky flavor from Fuerteventura.

  • Goat meat: Goat stew is a famous dish in Fuerteventura.

What to do when you’re not surfing: Activities and adventures

There are many things to explore around Fuerteventura during the days when you're not surfing. We recommend you hike up the Calderón Hondo volcano. You’ll see a gorgeous view from the top overlooking the crater and the island’s landscape.

It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean. Camels are a part of Fuerteventura's identity and seeing the beautiful island from the back of a camel is a really cool experience. Here are some other fun things to do around: 

  • Visit the sand dunes

  • Spend a sunny day on a catamaran

  • Go diving and explore the life underwater

  • Swim in the natural rock pools

  • Take up surfskating at the camp

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