Surfing in Ericeira, Portugal - The ultimate surf guide

Explore one of Portugal’s most beautiful fishing villages and feel the pulse of a town that lives and breathes surfing. Here’s everything you need to know about our surf camp in Ericeira.

The charming town of Ericeira is one of Europe’s major surfing capitals. Pros and beginners alike come from all around the globe to visit Ericeira to compete in surfing competitions and to ride their very first waves

Here´s our big Ericeira guide that covers everything you’ll need to know to prepare for an amazing surfing adventure in Portugal.

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Where to stay: Why should you stay at our Ericeira surf camp?

Ericeira is definitely worth a visit for anybody whose heart beats for surfing. But why do we think that our surf camp is the best option for accommodation?

Close to the waves and the village

Our surf camp is located right by our favorite surf spot at Foz do Lizandro and is a 25-minute walk from the picturesque village of Ericeira (which is a must-visit during your stay!). There you’ll find amazing cafes and restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and both surf shops and supermarkets. It’s also a nice place to just enjoy the atmosphere while walking around the narrow streets. The coastal walk from the camp to the village is a pleasure of its own, the majestic cliffs of Ericeira do not disappoint! Foz do Lizandro is one of the biggest beaches in the area with a nice boardwalk where you can enjoy a cold beer after your surf session. 

A camp with a bit of everything

Ericeira is the home of our biggest surf camp with over a hundred spots for adventure-seaking guests. At our camp, you’ll get to enjoy our relaxing pool area, yoga shala and garden with an outdoor gym area, a volleyball field and a skate bowl. The camp also has a spacious co-work and a restaurant with delicious food and beverages. What more can one wish for in a surf camp?

If you’re looking for a surf camp in Portugal that is more off the beaten path you should check out our other Lapoint camp in Alentejo. Our Alentejo camp is smaller and the vibe is more calm and laid back. 

Delicious local food: What and where to eat in Ericeira?

Ericeira offers a wide selection of cafes and restaurants. You can find delicious daily caught fish,  freshly baked bread and great Portuguese food all around the village. If you crave a fresh acai bowl, poke bowl, sushi or tacos – there are plenty of that too!

Weather and seasons: When’s the best time to visit Ericeira, Portugal for surfing?

Ericeira is a paradise for surfers all through the year, but there are seasons that fit some levels better than others. The waves are warmer and more mellow during the summer months and are therefore perfect for beginners (but can be great for experienced surfers to enjoy as well). The Portuguese winter can be quite cold and you would need a thick wetsuit during these months. The winter offers harder conditions and higher waves, which is perfect for experienced surfers! But don’t worry if you’re a beginner who booked a trip to Ericeira in the wintertime, there are beginner-friendly places to surf and there will always be a wave for you! 

Ericeira is located in the southwestern part of Europe and has an average temperature of around 20-26 degrees Celcius during the summer. The winter can get much colder and days with a temperature of around 10 degrees aren't uncommon. You can expect Ericeira to have cloudy mornings and bright and sunny days without a cloud in the sky after lunchtime. Ericeira’s water temperature doesn't vary too much between the seasons, you will be surfing in the Atlantic after all, the water temperature varies from around 16 degrees during the colder months to around 23 in the hotter ones.

Activities: What can you do in Ericeira besides surfing?

Besides hanging out at the surf camp (who would say no to chilling by the pool or surfskating in the bowl?) there are many things to do and see in Ericeira.

The majestic nature

Ericeira is located by the Atlantic Ocean and we highly recommend you visit the beaches and hike along the majestic cliffs. You’ll see some of the most beautiful sunsets of your life. 

The nightlife 

Ericeira really comes alive during summer, with lots of tourists coming in and many events around town. But the village is full of fun all throughout the year. Here are some great places to spend a night out:

  • Boardriders Quiksilver: Ever thought you would have some of your best nights with live music, an amazing view overlooking the ocean and a cold beer at a surfshop/skatepark? Well, this is the place to be! 

  • Adega Bar 1987: A homely Portuguese bar with amazing tapas and a nice atmosphere in the heart of the village.

  • Tubo bar: A small bar in town with dance-friendly music and drinks!

Spending the day by the beach

Ericeira has many beautiful beaches! Bring some friends, pack your picnic basket and head out to one of them for a relaxing layday. Many of the beaches have cute cafes around where you can go for an espresso or an ice cream. Ribeira d'Ilhas, Praia dos Pescadores and Praia do Sul are three beautiful and popular beaches. 

Packing: What should I bring for my Ericeira surf trip?

Have you already started to pack? Here are our two packing lists with everything you will need on your surf trip:

Ericeira, Portugal: general packing
  • Passport: Don’t forget to bring your passport when traveling to Portugal. Check with your travel provider how long the passport needs to be valid, it can differ from country to country.

  • Cash: Some restaurants in town only accept cash payments, so make sure to bring some cash with you. If not, don't worry! There are plenty of ATMs in town and in the supermarkets where you can withdraw money. 

  • A reusable water bottle: We don’t sell plastic water bottles at our surf camps, so we recommend you bring a stainless steel bottle to keep your water nice and cold. There are plenty of shops in the village of Ericeira where you can find nice bottles!

  • Something warm: The weather can shift quickly in Ericeria, so make sure that you dress the part! Some houses in Portugal can get quite cold during the colder months and it’s a good idea to bring some warm clothes to be prepared.

There are big supermarkets like Continente, Intermarche and Lidl a five-minute Uber ride away from the camp. Both Continente and Intermarche have a pharmacy if you need sunscreen or other products.

Ericeira, Portugal: packing for the surf
  • Surfboards: We will provide surfboards, wetsuits and all the equipment you need for your surf trip, but if you want to bring your own board you are very welcome to do so! 

  • Bikinis/boardshorts: We provide you with a suitable wetsuit when it’s time to head out for the surf so that you keep warm in the cool water. Just remember to bring a bikini, bathing suit or boardshorts that sit nicely. You don't want to have to adjust the swimwear under your thick wetsuit once it’s on! 

  • Sunscreen: Even though Ericeira isn't a tropical island, the sun can still be quite strong! Especially if you’re in the water all day, so make sure to bring ocean-friendly sunscreen. 

Psst! Remember that you aren't travelling to the middle of nowhere. There are plenty of surf shops around Ericeira, both big brands like Billabong and Rip Curl but also smaller, local stores. It’s the perfect place to gear up your surf wardrobe and quiver.

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