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13 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Portugal During Autumn

Let’s face it: European summer temperatures can be quite a challenge. Heatwaves are not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Portugal in autumn on the other hand combines all the positive features of summer but makes it even more charming. While it usually stays warm during the day, it also offers a light fresh breeze in the evenings. This makes it the perfect autumn escape for a sunny vacation close to home if you live in Europe. Whether you’re into Portuguese wine adventures, souvenir shopping or surfing every day in Portugal’s vast coastline — this place has something in store for you. 

Especially when wanting to go hiking through national parks or being active in general, fall offers perfect conditions. The days are still warm and sunny while autumn colours bring the cosy vibes and paint the Landscape in mustardy yellow and a deep orange. 

If that didn’t make you curious, we may mention that Portugal is fuelled by those relaxed surf vibes. You will find perfect waves for all skill levels. 

Amazing Features in Portugal in Autumn/ Winter

Surfing for beginner surfers:  

Portugal is a safe and fun place to learn how to surf and make friends for life along the way. We’ve got you covered! The best thing about it: there is no previous experience required! Feel free to check out our page to find a suitable deal for yourself! There will always be a good surf spot for your level, regardless of your surf experience and the current swell size.

Surfing for experienced surfers: 

Autumn and winter swells in Portugal are truly exceptional and world-class level. 

September and October generally bring awesome swells and excellent weather, warm water, fewer people paddling for the same waves, and more consistent surf conditions than in summer. At the end of October, the autumn swell usually kicks in, which brings some of the best waves in Europe, and it continues during the winter. 

Pro surfers head to Portugal every autumn/winter trying to conquer the ocean. Even if the bigger swells are too big for you, it’s amazing to get down to the beach and watch. You might be lucky and catch a glimpse at one of your idols!

#4 — Fewer people:  enjoy Portugal without the crowds

No need to prepare for crowded beaches and packed restaurants. Summer tourism slows down during the autumn so you could end up having surf spots all to yourself. It’s time to relax and savour the unique contact with nature.  

#5 — Booming nature: autumn is the most beautiful time of the year

As mentioned above, autumn is the time where nature blooms in Portugal. Next to beautifully coloured trees, it is also the time where lots of fruits are ripe! If you ever wanted to see dreamy European vineyards, autumn is the time to go to Portugal. It is one of the best things to do - not only because of the view but more so because of the amazing wine tastings.

Ripe goodies in autumn:

  • Olives

  • Chestnuts

  • Wine Grapes (September, October)

  • Walnuts, sunflowers and almonds

#8 — The ocean temperatures: better than you think

In autumn the weather isn’t too hot, and the Atlantic is warmer than usual. You can boat, surf, sail, dive or kayak! And of course, you can swim in both ocean and lakes. You are also able to watch dolphins if you're lucky enough.

#9 — Lisbon: the vibrant capital 

Lisbon has become one of the most popular places for digital nomads for a good reason. The city offers a pleasant buzz all year round and you can find amazing restaurants and cafes with fresh veggies and raw goods, but also locally caught fish and tasty burgers.

The city tends to be a little more friendly in autumn and winter, probably related to less crowded spaces. It is the perfect opportunity to check out incredible cathedrals and monuments.

The streets of Lisbon are covered in astonishing cobblestones and are worth seeing! You can also climb onto one of the seven hills that provide unique views over the city and look at the amazing river the Tejo!

#10 — Budget: better prices than in summer  

A big perk about Portugal is the food and wine, and the welcoming residents. You are making just the right choice when deciding to travel to Portugal in fall or winter. In ‘off season’ you will experience Portugal’s culture at its best and can catch 5-star waves at empty beaches.

#11 —  The action continues: enjoy festivals and events

Most likely there is a celebration / a festival (Portuguese: ‘festa’) going on every day somewhere in Portugal.

  • One highlight in autumn is the ‘Lady of Nazaré’ Festival in September. 

  • The Lisbon Marathon in October could also be worth a visit!

  • All Soul's Day (All Saints' Day) is a national holiday and celebrated in November!

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