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Surf camps - In no way ordinary

Some of the best feelings we have ever had have been connected to surf. Add to that new friends, amazing scenery and local culture and you will know what we are all about. Feel good, have fun, meet interesting people in amazing places and evolve and progress in every way possible at our surf camps.


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What it’s all about

A passion for surfing is the true heartbeat of Lapoint, and it was on a surf adventure it all started. And now, since 2008, after 15 years, 100.000 something thrilled guests at the surf camps and maybe about one million ridden waves around the globe, we can say for sure that we know what real stoke looks like. We have a wide range of courses, so no matter if you’re a beginner or a more advanced surfer you’ll get customized surf sessions with us during your surf holiday.

Living the dream

Our Work&Surf packages let you combine online work with pursuing your surf dream and living your best  surf work/holiday life at the camp. Through coliving and coworking, you’ll get to connect with like-minded people and be part of a community that not only lives for Fridays but makes every day count. It’s the perfect spot for digital nomads to enjoy the work/life balance to the fullest. Meet cool people from all over the world and share office space, as well as adventures, activities and surf lessons.

The best of two worlds

Explore the best of two worlds on our yoga and surf trips. It’s a great synergy between the two, as both yoga and surfing embody mindfulness, flexibility and strength. Combining these activities will make you progress both on the surfboard and on the yoga mat and be more aware of your mind and body connection. Immersed in nature, the ocean and good vibes, we have the perfect setup for a feelgood week that definitely will give you a positive boost.

Surfing adapted to your level

At our surf camps, everybody is welcome. You can be a complete beginner or an experienced surfer and still enjoy the vibe at the surf camp. We offer surfing for levels 1, 2,3 and also packages with surf guiding for the more advanced riders. Learn to read the ocean better, get more comfortable in the line-up and get individual feedback on the areas you need to improve in your surfing. Join the surf lessons with our experienced surf coaches or head out to the waves with your new friends.

Friendships and memories for life

Not only will your stay at the surf camp focus on surf lessons and on improving your skills on the surfboard, but it will also give you an adventure outside of the waves. You’ll be invited to our home away from home where you’ll meet like-minded people and make friends for life. At the surf camp, you can book activities like volcano hikes, ziplining through a jungle, or jumping from waterfalls in a rainforest.

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The beach is our home. We are leaving it better than we found it.

We have made a commitment to our ocean, beaches and community. They are our playground, our home and our livelihood. We are going to leave them better than we found them. That means that all our employees, friends and guests helps out with recycling and taking other actions for the environment. Each week there are beach cleaning and recycling activities to ensure that our home stays the way it was supposed to be.

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