Surf camp Portugal

Explore Portugal and the best surf that Europe has to offer. Fill your days with surf lessons in the Atlantic, beach life, loads of sunshine, excursions, activities and Goodtimes by the sea.

The surf trip to Portugal

A surfing holiday in Portugal described best as a sensory overload of action, excitement, fun and flavours. Living in beautiful surroundings with the ocean, the surf and loads of memorable adventures & activities immediately accessible to you, you'll be relaxed, inspired and bursting with adrenaline - all at the same time! Located close to anywhere in Europe with a warm climate, friendly people and affordable prices, Portugal is the summer destination of choice for fun- & sun lovers around the world.


After having travelled the world in search of great waves we realized that it’s not only surf and awesome destinations that counts, but also someone to share the memorable moments with. Your stay at the camp is designed to make it easy to meet new friends you can share your experiences with. We’re sure that the vacation will offer a whole lot of great experiences, whether you want to plan out your own schedule or follow along on all of our social activities.

Our surf camps in Portugal

We have two surf camps in Portugal, each uniquely magnificent, offering similar yet unparalleled experiences. The bigger one, in the surfing mecca Ericeira is located about 40 minutes north of Lisbon. Ericeira is one of the most charming surf towns on the planet, set in a charming fishing village with narrow cobbled streets, fantastic food and great nightlife. Here you’ll find amazing beaches and perfect learn-to-surf conditions for you to catch your first waves. Our second camp, Alentejo, is located in the south of Portugal, approximately 2 hours from Lisbon. The area is renowned for an exceptional ambience with endless amounts of space to surf, play and unwind. Regardless of your camp preference, Portugal offers as always welcoming people, beautiful surroundings, fantastic food and great surf.