Surf camp Portugal

Explore Portugal and the best surf that Europe has to offer. Fill your days with surf lessons in the Atlantic, beach life, loads of sunshine, excursions, activities and Goodtimes by the sea.

The surf trip to Portugal

The narrow streets of Ericeira with the smell of freshly baked bread, olives and red wine makes this experience unique. On the south-west corner of Europe you’ll find Portugal and the continent’s best surf conditions – regardless if you’ve never surfed before or if you’ve been ripping for decades. In addition to the surf you’ll experience a lot of great beaches, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife in the coastal town Ericeira. This historic gem has countless treats to offer and we guarantee you a unique adventure on your surf trip in Portugal.


After having travelled the world in search of great waves we realized that it’s not only surf and awesome destinations that counts, but also someone to share the memorable moments with. Your stay at the camp is designed to make it easy to meet new friends you can share your experiences with. We’re sure that the vacation will offer a whole lot of great experiences, whether you want to plan out your own schedule or follow along on all of our social activities.

Our surf camp in Portugal

Our surf camp in Portugal is about 40 minutes north of Lisbon. In addition to being one of the greatest places for surf in Europe, it’s also a charming fisherman’s village with narrow cobbled streets, amazing food and great nightlife. Here you’ll find world-class waves and amazing beaches like Foz do Lizandro where you can learn to surf and catch your first waves. Portugal offers, as always, welcoming people, beautiful surroundings and great surf.