Best surfing movies of all time


Top 10 surfing movies to get you inspired

Are you imagining yourself surfing the beautiful lefts of Uluwatu? Or maybe you just can’t wait to explore the crisp-blue waters in the Maldives? Well, neither can we. But while that’s not possible, the second-best thing to do is to watch some great surfing movies to get us inspired. There are plenty of movies about surfing out there, some from well-known blockbusters you can find on your Netflix or Viaplay account and some less-known surf movies that can be good as the others. 

In this post, we will share our top 10 list of best-surfing movies, and after watching one (or several) of these, you'll hopefully be inspired to go out there and ride some waves yourself.

These are only our top 10 out of hundreds of surfing movies you should take your time to watch. And we do hope that you will feel as inspired as us to wax your board and head out there after watching one of these great surfing movies. 

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