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Summer Surf Guide: The gears you need for tropical and warm water surfing

Let’s dive into the gears you need to have your best time during your summer surf vacation! Here is everything you need for summer surfing, whether you are thinking about surfing in tropical locations like Hawaii or Costa Rica or paddling out at your local breaks in the summertime.

Wetsuit thickness chart: Get the right thickness for the summer


Surfboard wax

You use different surfboard waxes depending on the water temperature. You can use tropical or warm water wax for summer weather.

Surfboard wax chart for summer surfing


Ding repair

It is never a fun thing to get dings on your board, especially if you are far from home and your repair tools and ding shop. But if it happens, it’s good to be prepared with a repair kit!

Dry bag

A dry bag is a great thing to bring with you to keep your stuff dry in wet conditions. It’s also great for the opposite purpose: keep your wet swimwear in the bag to protect your other stuff from getting wet and damaged.

And of course; your favorite surfboards

Last but definitely not least, your surfboards! Whether you’re ripping with a shortboard or having fun in smaller summer waves on a longboard, your board is your partner in crime and best pall in the waves!

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