Surf Coaching

- For the independent surfer with a strong desire to get better through improved technique and coaching in small groups of four surfers or less.
- Comfortable in a range of conditions in varied types of spots ranging from reefs to point- and beach breaks you’re ready to lift your surf- and ocean awareness.

Who is this package for?

  • The Individual coaching course is designed for surfers who are confident surfing a variety of spots from reefs to point- and beach breaks, or as described by the head coach Paolo Barros – ‘independent surfers who can do maneuvers in a variety of conditions’.

  • Already comfortable in a crowded lineup with a good understanding of surfing etiquette, you’re able to read waves and catch waves independently.

  • Experienced in putting turns together you’re interested in specific feedback on the critical aspects of your surfing.

What will the coach go through?

  • Your coach will further educate you on surf theory and help you improve technique as required to best promote your progression. 

  • During the course you will receive individual feedback both from the water and through video coaching. These videos will be kept on file so we can reference them during your next visit and better support your development over time.

  • The coach will provide you with the tools and exercises you need not only to lift your performance in the water but equally important, how to maintain surfing fitness in-between sessions and minimise that soul-crushing ‘rusty’ feeling we sometimes get after not surfing for a while.

  • You will also learn about surfboard design and the pros and cons of different materials for your surfing. In this process we’ll look closer at your equipment and what type of board you should be riding for optimal progress.   


What kind of waves will I be surfing?

      • The coach will take you to the best quality waves best suited for your level. You should be comfortable in overhead conditions. You’ll surf reef, beach, and point breaks – just depending on the conditions.

Theory included

  • Individual coaching
  • It’s hard to change old habits, especially if you haven’t seen yourself surfing. The coach will see the things you need to improve/change, and together with the coach you’ll work on these things throughout the week.

    Spot guiding
  • The coach will throughout the week take you to good waves for your level of surfing. This means that you’ll get local knowledge from a local on what spots work best on different tides, swell directions and wind directions. This is so you can focus your time not finding spots on locations you’ve never been before, but in the water working on your surfing

    Board control in the lineup
  • Paddle technique, moving smoothly in the lineup to be able to position yourself in the right spot and not be in the way for other surfers.

    Take-off techniques
  • Fine tune your take-off technique to be able to get more waves and ride the steeper ones. A pop up is not just a pop up; this has to be 100% for you to be able to make it.

    Duck dive technique perfection
  • When conditions get bigger and more powerful it’s extremely important that the duck dive is perfect, so you don’t paddle extra meters and wear out too early in the session.

    Ocean awareness
  • Types of Rips, waves, weather and conditions, tides and how they work, places to surf, different types of waves beach, point, reef breaks etc. The surf spots in the area of the certain camp, inform about the ones that is suited for you.

    Surf equipment
  • Get knowledge and help with the right type of board you should ride in different type of conditions, how many liters you should look for in a board, different materials (polyester, epoxy, and carbon), knowledge on fins; get knowledge about how a board can feel totally different just by changing fins. Get Lapoint discounts at local surf shops, shapers and ding repairs.

    Surf safety, ­etiquette and priority rules
  • How to behave in the water, how to handle yourself in a crowd to get respect, how to get more waves, how to position yourself in the lineup, how to know where to position yourself in different type of waves.

    HD video filming
  • 2 sessions of 2 hours each will be filmed. Later the coach will go through the material with the surfers to see what the different surfers should work on. If you bring your computer you can borrow the memory card and get all the material, so you can check when you get back home or maybe use the best shots on you Instagram 😉

    Ding repairs
  • Get easy introduction in how to repair small dings with quick fix methods and information on how to do a proper ding fix on polyester and epoxy boards.


What’s the difference between the designated levels and the coaching package?
On the coaching packages you already know how to surf on your own on a fairly good level, so here we’ll work more on your technique on basic moves and maneuvers such as the bottom turn, trimming, stance, how you use your body/ arms, the snap, cutback, floater, carve/ hack and so on. You have a coach and not really an instructor giving you the tips and pointers on what to do. There’s also a point to be made by saying that this requires you to be a good independent and knowledgeable surfer. If you don’t have the level as required the coach can move you down to the lower level.

How many surfers are in this at the same time?
We have a limit of 4 surfers as this is the max amount of surfers we believe you can be to deliver the best product possible. This means that we can go in one car to a variety type of spots and the coach can give everyone the full attention they need.

Do I need my own gear?
Yes, bring a nice small wave board for those gutless conditions and a normal short board for pumping surf. We do have some different boards for you to test and the technology changes a lot on surf boards all the time therefore it’s always good to try different type of boards and fins to take your surfing to a higher level.



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