Level 3 - Surf Course - Bali - Indonesia

Keep riding up the learning curve on some of the best waves of your life, on the tropical island of your dreams.

A typical day

  • Every day kicks off with an early breakfast, and when that’s out of the way we’ll head down to the surf. We take a drive to find the best suited waves and conditions for each group. The instructors will do a run-through of the day, warm up, and the it’s surf, surf, surf. 2 hours later, and your body is toast after all the salt water fun. Some might want to some head to the pool, chill in the garden, and some might go into town. Dinner is served in the evening, and after that you’re free to do what you please and can either go get a drink, watch a movie or just rest for tomorrow’s surf session(s).

Who is Level 3 for?

  • This level is designed for those of you that have passed our level 2/can catch waist high green waves on your own and surf frontside and backside. You’re not yet confident in head high waves on your own, but we’ll surf easy reefs, point and beach breaks with all the knowledge you need to feel confident to surf most breaks, focusing on entry and exit from the break, surf etiquette and which peak is the best for your level of surfing. This course has a max limit of 6 surfers per week.


1 week

    • 7 nights accommodation
      7 breakfasts
    • 5 dinners
    • Level 3 – Surf course 5 x 2 hours
    • Surf theory
    • 7 days with a surf equipment
      1 video filming and analysis
      Transport to surf lessons
    • Transfer from the airport
    • 2 yoga classes

2 weeks

      • 14 nights accommodation
        14 breakfasts
      • 10 dinners
        • Level 3 – Surf course 10 x 2 hours
        • Surf theory
        • 14 days with a surf equipment
          2 video filming and analysis
          Transport to surf lessons
        • Transfer from the airport
      • 4 yoga classes

3 weeks

      • 21 nights accommodation
        21 breakfasts
      • 15 dinners
      • Level 3 – Surf course 15 x 2 hours
      • Surf theory
      • 21 days with a surf equipment
        3 video filming and analysis
        Transport to surf lessons
      • Transfer from the airport
      • 6 yoga classes
Level 3 made me confident in the water, now I'm ready for almost all lineups

David Thuerlimann


Stay in Villa Tugah - a high standard surf villa with big garden and an amazingly mellow vibe. Chill in the big garden at the villa where you can enjoy a post surf beer, or spend the time in the pool or use other facilities at the camps. We offer everything from double rooms, bungalows, and dorms! Everything so you can find the best option for your stay.

Villa Tugah

This villa not only provides you with a short walk from both restaurants and surf, but also a taste of the diverse and amazing local culture.

Season: All year
Suits: Level 1, 2, 3
Age: From 18 years


misc information

  • day of arrival

    • The day of arrival is Monday. There are no surf lessons on the day of arrival, and the day will be spent settling in and getting to feel at home at the camp. Surfing begins on the second day.
  • Flights

      • There are many different flight-options to get here. We recommend www.momondo.com for finding your trip.

  • TransFER to villa

        • Pick up is included from the airport or requested hotel in the same area.
  • Måltider

      • A breakfast buffet is included and served every morning and we arrange dinner together every night. Dinner consists of everything from traditional balinese dishes at the camp, to eating with the staff at a restaurant in town. Everyone’s welcome to join, so you’ll have dinner companions all days even if you’re travelling alone.

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