We had a chat with the team about their plans, dreams and why surf camp Morocco is the perfect place for their first international training camp.


Oliver Hartkopp


Why did you pick Morocco for this training camp?


Emilie: We chose Morocco since you´re guaranteed great waves this time of the year! As we have a new coaching team in the talented Paulo Rodrigues and Christen Søndergaard (team manager), we feel confident to take on a more international approach and push ourselves further.


Paula Ahlers


Marius Aagesen


Emilie Uttrup


In what way has a talented coach like Paulo influenced the team spirit?


Anne-Sofie: Paulo has influenced the team in so many ways – especially by focusing on better communication and how we can help each other out as a team. He has also a practical approach; living in Denmark, you can’t surf every day, so Paulo has given us some great exercises and a training program we can use when we´re not by the sea.


Marius: Getting Paulo as a coach has created a sense of unity that we didn’t have before. Since I started working with Paulo in Portugal I’ve definitely taken my surf skills to the next level. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to get a video analysis of yourself, but all of these details makes polishing our skills way easier.


Paulo Rodrigues


Marius Aagesen


Robert Storm


What is the best thing about Morocco and the camp life?


Maria: Great location, tasty food and awesome activities! The staff is very helpful and make sure we’re up to date with the daily program and the social activities.


Oliver: The fact that the camp is in walking distance to some of the best waves in the whole of Morocco, makes it a unique spot. The camp has everything you need if you want good memories and a fun surf trip with your friends. You can also do some cool day trips – we went to Paradise Valley where you can do cliff jumps into deep gorge pools!


Oliver Hartkopp




 Paulo; what is the main goal for the team in 2019?


Our main goal for 2019 is to focus on the team spirit where the team members motivate and help push each other to become better surfers in varied conditions around the world. Working with Lapoint we’re excited to see what the future will bring.



Anna Julie Lacour


Christoffer Hartkopp


Photo credit: @ilostawavein79