Meet the Crew in Canggu

Australian surfer, Ben Uttley, spends his time spreading joy and stoke amongst our guests in Bali. Learn his top tips for Canggu, check out his awesome photos and read more about his passion for camp life.



You’ve been hosting Lapoint guests in Canggu for almost six months now, what is the best thing about camp life?


The people. Getting to know a bunch of new people each week sounds like a daunting task to some, but the guests that come to our camp are nothing short of amazing; fun and energetic with a passion for surfing and all the activities the camp has to offer. There is always someone wanting to do something, which means I always have friends to hang out with!




What made you pursue a surf-based lifestyle?


 I was born on the east coast of Australia in Wollongong. But having English parents who both don’t surf, I wasn’t brought up in the Aussie surf community. It was one Sunday whilst competing in my local nippers competition (junior surf lifesaving) that I saw some surfers and said to mum “WOAH, I wanna do that!” So two weeks later on my birthday, after school we went and bought me a second-hand board and went straight down to the beach. I haven’t stopped since!




Why were you drawn to Bali?


My first time I came to Bali I said to myself “I wanna live here”. The locals are amazing – the Balinese people smile ear to ear all day long! I instantly fell in love with the people, the waves and the culture. This is also heaven for someone who enjoys photography and the food is amazing – which is important for me as I am a chef.





What´s your top 3 favorite things to do in Canggu?


1)    Eat! Canggu is easily the food mecca of Bali. You find the most amazing local food and the best Insta-worthy western cafes with bucket loads of vegetarian/vegan options. There is just about every type of cuisine you could think of here!


2)   Surf! There are so many different waves in such a small proximity, which makes it a great spot for all levels of surfing. You can also discover some very nice waves that are extremely uncrowded. (You’ll just have to wear a blindfold on the way there so you can’t tell anyone where it is 😉


3)   Watch the sunset! A bean bag down on the black sand with an ice cold Bintang, a few mates straight out from a surf, dogs running around the beach and the perfect sunset straight over the ocean. Need I say more?





What is your fave surf spot?


In Bali, it has to be Bingin. Just north of Uluwatu it is a perfect barreling lefthand-wave that can be unforgiving at times and other times provide you with the most beautiful round tube. It makes you feel like you’re the best surfer in the world because it was so easy to ride that wave!


What are your passions outside of camp life and fun in the sun?


I love photographing waves, the ocean and people. I think so many special moments happen out in the water. I focus on the little things that people often take for granted, and try to make those particular moments the feature. Opening people’s eyes to appreciate the small things is a power you have with a camera in your hands.





Which special moment will stay with you when you leave the camp?

Definitely the friends I’ve made! The local staff here are absolute treasures and although at times there can be a language barrier, it just adds to the laughter even more.



All the beautiful landscape photos courtesy of @ben_uttley_photography