After 12 years, 100.000 something stoked guests and maybe about one million ridden waves, we are standing on shaky grounds. Like the rest of the travel industry, the covid-19 has affected Lapoint not only as a company, but also all the passionate people who work here and the local staff around the world that has been with us for over 10 years.



We want to continue to create life-changing journeys, to move hearts and inspire hundreds of thousands more to follow their dreams. We want to continue to create meaningful jobs around the world and give back to the societies we’re part of – from local communities in Africa and Europe to those places in Asia where we have left our heart.



Do you also believe in a time after this? We’re reaching out to you to make sure that the things we all love are still there for us to experience once all of this is over. That you too, can continue to ride those sunny peeling waves and thinking that “every day should be like this”. If you still feel that sense of wanderlust, if you love exploring the beautiful planet we call home, meeting people from all across the globe and creating new memories – this is a vital time to support the travel industry. Without us, it wouldn’t be any transport to whisk you away, any hotels to be your home, any guides to open the world for you, or any tour operator to give you those unforgettable experiences.



If you know you are going to be travelling within the next two years and want to support us, we now offer flexible bookings so you can change your date free of charge one year from rebooking date. We’re also giving you 30% discount on your dreams, either by booking a trip or buying a gift card valid for 2 years. Join us in looking towards the future – and making every moment count once the world opens again. This offer is valid until 31st of May 2020.



This is the booking code to use for 30% discount on all of our camps: futureplans30


If you want to give away an adventure with 30% discount, check out the gift card site here: lapointcamps.com/gift-card/


BOOK NOW TO SUPPORT US & GET 30% discount on trips

*The campaign code isn’t valid for group bookings. The campaign is not valid for bookings of Hoddevik, Norway.


*You can’t combine our two current offers, being the gift card and the discount code for bookings. You will get the added value on the gift card after 31st of May.