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Why go kitesurfing in Sardinia?

Three kiters about why return to they prefer Sardinia as kiteboarding holiday destination and what makes them come back to the same spot every year

Manchester, England

James Boulding

“I have never had a bad trip to Sardinia and I always have fond thoughts of the place and friends I have met. There is no stress, just a simple healthy friendly place matched with great kiting.”

James has kited on a professional level for ten years. He is sponsored by Cabrinha kiteboarding, also works as their team manager, photographer and videographer. 

Tell us about your first trip to Sardinia

I first came to Sardinia to shoot a video with my friend Alby Rondina. He introduced me to local legend Marco Orru who showed us around the island and his home spots. Marco made us feel incredibly welcome.  His family runs a beautiful Agriturismo that welcomes guests and is the perfect place to stay whilst visiting for kiting. This is where Lapoint has their camp base during the windy season from April to October. 

What makes you come back?

The food, wine, climate and conditions.  All these things bring me back, the food is so fresh and tasty and never expensive and with so many vineyards close by you can’t help but get stuck into the local wines.  The conditions are perfect at Porto Botte, for learning and advanced riding as it’s flat and clean winds. 

When is your favorite time to go and why?

I like to go either side of summer; May/June and September are my favorite times. 

What else can you do than kiting?

I love to go to Porto Pino, a stunning white sand beach that goes for miles, the water is turquoise and so clean, it can be busy in the summer months but if you walk you can get away from the crowds, it’s so pretty it’s a must for visitors. 

What is your favorite Sardinian dish?

I love the pasta and pizza.  I guess it’s more traditionally Italian not just Sardinian.  There are a couple of fantastic pizzerias that are very cheap and the pizzas simply divine.

Düdingen, Switzerland

Manuela Jungo

“Good kite conditions, friendly people and tasty food. This is the perfect combination that makes me go back to Sardinia every year.”

Manuela has kited on a professional level for over ten years, and she has been ranked among the top 5 female kiters in the world several times. 

Tell us about your first trip to Sardinia

My first trip to Porto Botte and Sardinia is already a few years back. I felt right away in love with the place. Everything is relaxed and the people are very welcoming and friendly. I was competing at the PKRA World Tour at that time and the consistent wind in combination with the endless flat water was the perfect place to train. I am going back at least once per year ever since.

When is your favorite period to go and why?

I like to go to Sardinia during May because it is already warm. The wind is very consistent and the spots are empty.

What other things have you done than kiting?

I like to take a day off from time to time and enjoy a day at the beach in Porto Pino. The beach is really beautiful and the water crystal clear. There are also picturesque spots to explore with stand up paddleboards on the west coast with amazing scenery. 

Munich, Germany

Jana Shader

“I was still a beginner the first time I went to Sardinia, five years ago. I couldn’t believe how good the conditions were and how clear the water was. I never thought I would find conditions like these in Europe.”

Jana has kited on a high level for 6 years, and is one of the best female German riders. She is also working as a doctor while finishing her medicine degree.

What makes you come back?

They guys at Kite Sardegna (Porto Botte) are like a big family. Everyone is always helping each other out and there is always fun to be with the locals!!

When is your favourite period to go and why? 

April/May and August. April, because it is super calm and there are only the locals on the water. August, for living the real Italian summer – Dolce Vita Style 😉

What other things have you done than kiting? 

Wakeboarding, running, beach volley, dancing, going for an ice cream …

What is your favourite Sardinian dish? 

Figs from the tree in the garden or fresh Sardinian fish!

What is your most memorable experience?

Kiting together with all my friends in the flat water between the boats or riding the jets together with Marco.

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