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Travelling to Costa Rica during the pandemic

Recently we’ve had the pleasure to have the super talented videographer Alvaro Penades at our camp in Costa Rica. We absolutely love getting inspired by his work and his love for surfing, and we so took the opportunity to catch up with Alvaro in person to get to know him a little bit better.

Aloha Alvaro, we are so happy to catch up with you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

- Hi guys! I’m a super passionate multi-action athlete and adrenaline junkie, also motivated by documenting it and creating video memories that will last forever. My main sport is freeride skiing, but I also ride downhill bikes, motocross bikes, climb, skydive, surf, cliff dive and freedive.

I know you are working on a very exciting film project, can you tell us some more about it? 

- Yes! I’m working on the biggest film project of my life from 2 years ago. It’s personal, and it’s about the first documentary of the same action sports jointly practising all the sports that were mentioned before altogether. It’s a lot of work but I love it and luckily I have big brands supporting me.

Why did you choose to shoot parts of the film in Costa Rica? 

- For the first surf segment, I was looking for something exotic, with empty beaches and a lot of palm trees. Searching and searching I found this amazing part of Costa Rica and it was exactly what I was looking for. The waves in November weren’t super big also and my surfing level was intermediate, so it was perfect for learning and getting some action shots of my level. 

Did this trip live up to your expectations? 

- It was exactly like that, exotic and with good waves for my level...and for these reasons, the trip made my expectations. I also fell in love with the food, the jungles and the local people were amazing. And for sure, I fell in love with these waves.

How was the vibe in Santa Teresa? 

- The vibe in Santa Teresa was amazing. The camp was awesome for resting between the surf sessions, we had everything that we needed there and we also went to explore some waterfalls, the local food, the skatepark...not just surfing.

What was it like to travel during the pandemic? 

- Travelling to Costa Rica during the pandemic was so easy, it is a totally open country and we didn’t even need a PCR to get in. Felt like the situation was quite controlled there and we really got a break from the hard times that we are all actually living.

Thank you so much for sharing your highlights from this trip. We just can't wait to see the whole film, when and where do you think it will be released?  

- Thank you guys for everything! The first option for the movie premiere is at the end of May if the restrictions allow me to complete the shootings. If not, it will be postponed to the end of September. It will be available and free in Vimeo and I will announce everything through my Instagram, @alvaropenades. 

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