Top 5 surf spots in Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Do you want to go to Sri Lanka for your next surfing holiday? Even if you are just learning to surf or if you are a more experienced surfer – Sri Lanka got some great surf spots for you! Here we list our five favourite surf spots in the village of Ahangama.

Besides the fact that the locals are friendly, the water is warm and there’s no need for wetsuits, Sri Lanka has great surf spots. The waves are nice and mellow, which is good when learning to do the popup. There are also some tougher spots where the more advanced surfers can ride their preferred waves. Remember to apply lots of reef-friendly sunscreen and zinc before you jump into the waves, the sun is strong here!

The 5 best surf spots in Ahangama, Sri Lanka

In Ahangama you will find a beautiful shoreline with great surf spots around. These are the best ones according to us:

Kabalana Beach 

Kabalana beach is a beach break for all levels. This spot is great for beginners to practice their pop up in the white water. Kabalana beach is also suitable for first-time surfers.

The Rock 

The Rock is a reef break that provides consistent waves which are easy to get into and out from via Kabalana beach. This spot has an amazing A-frame, which some even call the best in Sri Lanka! The lefthander waves here are good for advanced surfers while the right-hander is good for intermediate surfers.

However, this is not a suitable spot for first-time surfers. The best time to ride the waves at the Rock is during the winter season.


This spot is a reef break, it’s a great location for intermediate and advanced surfers. It’s possible for beginners to surf here as well, but preferably together with a surf instructor, since it can be a bit difficult to get in and out of the water due to rocks. The rides are also fast here, so first-time surfers should keep comfortable at the beach and stay out of the water.

Sticks have great waves with multiple peaks, both left and right. But be careful here, since this spot has shallow reef parts.


This place is called marshmallows for a reason; there are really mellow waves here. You will get smooth, long rides down the waves at this reef break. This spot is also referred to as “Insight”, this is a spot you can’t miss if you go to Ahangama. It is easy to get in and out via a little beach close to the “Insight” hotel. Here you have different peaks, both left and right. This is a great place to practice your surfing during small and weak swells. When the swells are bigger, then this spot isn’t suitable for beginners.

This is a good spot for intermediate and advanced surfers to surf, and beginners can go here with an instructor. But be careful of the rocks! This is not a suitable spot for first-time surfers. 

Gas station 

As the name reveals, this spot is in front of a gas station. Here you find both left and right waves. It is easy to get in and out of the waves via a little beach close to the bridge. Beware that this location has shallow reefs, so be careful! Beginners can go here with an instructor but preferably not alone.

It is a good spot for surfers who are intermediate and advanced. 

Where is Ahangama? 

Ahangama is a village in the South of Sri Lanka, in between the city of Galle and the town of Weligama.

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