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Looking to step up your surfing game?

We teamed up with former CT surfers Tiago Pires and Patrick Beven to make it happen for you. 

Most of us that have been bitten hard by the surfbug are. It’s often not about reaching a well defined goal, or that we will ever join another surf contest. For most of us it’s because improvement gives us that sweet sense of fulfillmernt. You know which one I’m talking about. The feeling you have paddling back out after doing the turn of your life, how you can keep coming back to that turn for weeks and just relive it over and over.



Tiago Pires Surf School Training Camp is an intensive program for those seeking to improve their surfing. The camp is going to take place in Ericeira, home of the second World Surfing Reserve in the World, creating perfect conditions for improving your surfing. Only 45min away from the legendary waves of Supertubos, in Peniche and Carcavelos, in Cascais. The base will be set at LaPoint Surf Camp* in Ericeira, where our guests will enjoy the amenities of a one of a kind Surf Hotel.


Tiago Pires is the best Portuguese surfer of all time. He was national and European champion and surfed on the World Championship Tour (nowadays known as World Surf League) for 7 years in a row. With an enormous competitive experience, Tiago is the training camp mentor. Throughout the 6 days of our camp,  we will follow his instructions and teaching guidelines to ensure maximum quality sessions and surf development. Tiago will be present during the course, he will be joining us for the coaching and surfing sessions, where he will share all of his knowledge.


The main goal of this camp is to focus on surfing technique. Every surf session will be recorded and it will be analysed at the end of each day by our surfing teachers and Tiago. We will surf in the best spots possible to ensure maximum quality. 


Ericeira is the best surfing hub in Europe. Only a 40 minutes drive from Lisbon and you’re having some of the best waves in the World. Home to the second ‘World Surfing Reserve’, which was created to protect its waves and its coastline, Ericeira is a little pittoresque fishing town, which also happens to be the most consistent and diverse place to surf in Portugal, ranging from good long point breaks like Ribeira D’Ilhas, to fast hollow slabs like Crazy Left and even to magical air waves like Foz do Lizandro shore break. We will try to surf each one of these waves to have the widest range of conditions possible!


LaPoint is a surf hotel located on the south of Ericeira. The camp was originally a winery, now transformed into a state-of-the-art surf school with a modern feel and top-notch facilities. Our surfers will share a “comfy” dorm room with the rest of the group. Breakfast and dinner will be served everyday at the Camp and the rest of the meals will depend on our surfing routes.


It is important to bring hygiene products including toothpaste, toothbrush, a shower towel (not provided by Lapoint), deodorant and sunscreen. We also recommend bringing a hat, sunglasses and a beach towel because of the long hours exposed to the sun. Also bring your own surfboard and wetsuits ranging from 3/2 to 4/3. If you want to bring your skate  there is a small bowl at Lapoint Surf Camp and a skate park at Boardriders.


Our daily routine will start at 8:00 AM with breakfast at Lapoint. After breaky, we'll have a surf session followed by video analysis. During the video analysis, our team will refer to every wave surfed with our coaches voicing their opinions suggesting some essential tips every time there's room for improvement. After our first session, there will be an 1-hour break for lunch.


The transportation to reach Portugal is not included, but João and Francisco (Tiago Pires Surf School managers) will pick everyone who’s flying to Lisbon airport at the ‘Arrivals Hall’. It’s important that you schedule your flight to arrive between 9AM and 1:30PM. They will be waving at you carrying a Tiago Pires Surf School sign. 


You need to book your travel to arrive at Lisbon airport before 1:00 pm.


During the week, everyone  including our staff, will try to stay in open spaces and outside where a mask is not mandatory. In indoor places like our cars or inside the hotel, everyone will need to have their mask on, except inside the rooms. There will be disinfectant gel in the rooms, cars and all the rest indoor places. All surfers and staff will respect the social distancing.

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