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How to maximize your surf trip to Ericeira with our new Guiding package

So, have you ever been on a surf trip and wanted to explore and take advantage of all the amazing spots around, but not had the right setup, efficiency, or knowledge to do so? Look no further guys, our new guiding package is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The new guiding package is designed for good intermediate and advanced surfers, looking to maximize the output of their surf trip. Compared to our other surf packages, which mainly focus on local spots in Ericeira, this one takes you a bit further – letting you enjoy the amazing waves of the Portuguese west coast, all the way from Carcavelos to Peniche. By giving you access to more spots, the goal is to match you with perfect waves and make the experience even more fun!

So to sum it up, the guiding is essentially about getting you to the right spot at the right time. When we choose the spot for the day, we aim to find quality waves and a spot that gives you a good wave count. We will look for fun and rippable rather than big and hairy, and we will always have the overall experience in mind. Our vision has always been that “Life should feel like this every day”, and with this package, you’ll get an authentic and genuine experience that shows you what surf life is all about.

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