Youth Surf Camp - Norway

Get ready for a summer with surf! Learn to surf or take your surfing to the next level and meet your new surf buddies at the youth camp in Hoddevik, Norway in the summer vacation.

A typical day in norway

We’ll start each day with a solid breakfast before we check the surf conditions in Hoddevik. Then we surf for 2 hours until we’re surfed out and ready for lunch, which we eat together either on the beach or back at the camp. After lunch you’re free to do whatever you want, either join an activity organised by us, or play volleyball, test your balance on the slackline, skate the mini ramp, longboard or surf skate, or maybe just relax in the sun. Come afternoon and you might start getting tired after all the activities and it’s time for dinner so we can fill up and get ready for another day of surf. The evenings consist of surf theory, outdoor games, card- and/or board games or just reading a book, before we jump to bed: This is the life of a surfer :)

Level 1 & 2

This summer we have two different packages so that everyone can join in on the youth surf camp. Level 1 is for you that are totally new to surfing and want to surf for the first time. Level 2 is for those that might have joined a surf camp before and manages to ride white water waves. You’re now learning how to surf small green waves to both right and left. Both courses have dedicated instructors and we’ll divide you into smaller groups so you get as much personal feedback as possible!



– 7 nights accommodation in dorms (girls and boys in different dorms)
– Breakfast, lunch & dinner.

– Fruits and snacks in the afternoon
– 6 days with surf courses  L1
– Free use of surf equipment
– Surf theory and safety in the ocean

– Free surf
– Social activities throughout the week
– A lot of activities like volleyball, football, ping pong, mini ramp, surfskateboard, longboarding and more



– 7 nights accommodation in dorms (girls and boys in different dorms)
– Breakfast, lunch & dinner

– Fruits and snacks in the afternoon

– 6 days with surf courses  L2
– Free use of surf equipment
– Surf theory and safety in the ocean
– Free surf
– Social activities throughout the week
– A lot of activities like volleyball, football, ping pong, mini ramp, surfskateboard, longboarding and more

*If the conditions don’t allow for surfing we either have surf theory, use the surf skateboard or have a SUP lesson

The Camp in hoddevik

  • The surf camp is a big house designed for having fun where we have beds for 20 people. The house has all you need from social meeting grounds, WiFi, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, washer and dryer. Outside the camp you’ll find a big garden perfect for football, volleyball, slacklining, skate in a skate ramp, or play other games. We even have two big terraces where we have outside breakfasts or BBQ in the sun, along with a outside tub if you need some warming up after the surf. The surf camp is a great place for socialising and getting to know new people. Our energetic and open staff at the camp will make sure that everyone is included on all activities.

stadlandet in norway

  • Stadlandet is the most westerly point in Norway, situated in the north of Sogn and Fjordane. Beautiful beaches with fine sand stretches between steep mountains and the majestic sea. Combine this with all of the weather that hits this coastline and what you get is the best place in Norway for learning how to surf. With its unique coastal landscape, this area is one of the most idyllic places in Norway, and the place has a unique atmosphere that is best be described as a combination of the relaxed environment of an ancient Mediterranean village and the fantastic Norwegian outback.

It was great - best week of my life!

Elvira Nilsson


We have a great bunch of dedicated surfers at the camp that have chosen this bay as their home because of the amazing sceneries and wonderful surf. Her you’ll find both instructors, surf coaches, camp staff and one camp manager. Everyone is over 18 years old and possesses a driver license.

Friends discount

If you get a friend to join you, you get a 500 kr friend discount from your own camp fee. Just ask your friend to write his/her name in the booking form, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll then ask you for the name of your friend and which camp he or she is on. If you get many friends to join you might end up getting a free camp – including having all your friends there!


Family discount

We can arrange a discount if more siblings from the same family want to go together. If two siblings attend the camp, you’ll get a 1000 kr discount on the total collected amount. If you’re three we give you a 1500 kr discount, and so on. Just remember to make a note in the booking form with the name of the siblings and what camp they’re attending.

Information to you as a parent is in the PDF that follows:

Transportation is not included in the price, but can be bought as an add-on for a price of 1000 NOK from Oslo and Bergen. This is done by selecting it when booking the youth surf camp further down the page.


From Oslo
Bus to Maurstad and then transportation out to Hoddevik
Departure Sunday 09:30 and back Sunday 20:40  


Ferry to Selje and then transportation out to Hoddevik
Departure Sunday 16:30 and back Sunday 20:15


We’re going to send you an email if you choose to buy the transportation add-on. Here we’ll need some information in order to buy the tickets for you and it’s important that you answer this as soon as possible so we can buy them in good time for the departure/stay at the camp.

There are many different flight-options to get here. We recommend for finding your trip.

  • Show respect for the other people at the camps
  • Sleep in the room given to you
  • Follow the instructions from the camp staff at all times
  • Don’t bring any alcohol or other drugs
  • Keep track of the daily schedule
  • Be careful with and take care of the equipment
  • Have as much fun as possible!


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6750 Stadtlandet, Norge

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