Yoga & Surf Retreat

Pause your everyday life and join us on an internal adventure. Give yourself an opportunity to recharge and reconnect.

Yoga & Surf

If you want to deepen your practice in either yoga or surfing, combining these two activities creates a perfect synergy for fun and personal development.

Yoga enthusiasts, who already practice the awareness of their body, mind and soul have built a strong foundation to begin or evolve their surf experience. New surfers with yoga backgrounds can experience a new level of focus, balance and patience while riding waves.

Surf classes allow you to explore your physical and inner strength in a new element, in one with nature. Surfing, and channeling all focus toward catching the perfect wave is also a fun way to exercise and build muscles, giving you more strength for your yoga postures. Be inspired by water to create a better flow in your movements and get an energy boost from the sun and the ocean.

If you’re into surfing, taking yoga classes will improve your balance and flexibility, which is key if you want to become a good surfer. Stretching will make you more agile in the surf and prevent common injuries. Most importantly, yoga will help you focus and teach you how to stay calm in the water.

Lapoint & Yoga

    • Quinta Lizandro in Ericeira, Portugal is the perfect place for both yoga and surfing, featuring a peaceful yoga shala and outside yoga areas close to a beautiful beach. Looking out at rolling waves and majestic cliffs while eating healthy, short travelled food from an organic farm just up the road, you’ll immediately feel in touch with the elements.
    • Sharing daily yoga lessons, workshops, four surf lessons and group excursions, our Yoga & Surf retreat provides a varied experience of fun, challenges and personal growth.



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