Level 2 - Green Wave Surf Course - Morocco

Spice up your surf trip with a taste of the diverse and lively Moroccan culture. Surf all day and then hang out at our amazing rooftop terrace.

A typical day

  • The breakfast buffet is served daily at 8:30 on the first terrace, overlooking the ocean. After this we head out to do a warm up, run-through, and then surf, surf, surf. 2 hours later your endorphins will be skyrocketing, and it’s time for lunch. You’re now in complete control of what you want to do, so chill at the balcony, go to the market, or take another surf session. We’ll arrange dinner in the evening, and after that you can do what you want; maybe go into Agadir, or just rest for tomorrow’s surf session(s).

Who is Level 2 for?

    • This level is designed for those of you that have passed our level 1 or can catch and ride a white water wave on your own. Level 2 will focus on getting to the outside (lineup) in waist high waves. We’ll teach you to catch green waves and ride the face of the wave instead of going straight in the white water.


1 week

              • 7 nights accommodation
              • 7 breakfasts
              • 5 dinners
              • 7 days with surf equipment
              • Level 2 Green Wave Surf Course 5 x 2 hours
              • Surf theory
              • Transport to surf lessons
              • 2 yoga classer

2 weeks

                • 14 nights accommodation
                • 14 breakfasts
                • 10 dinners
                • 14 days with surf equipment
                • Level 2 Green Wave Surf Course 10 x 2 hours
                • Surf theory
                • Transport to surf lessons
                • 4 yoga classes

3 weeks

              • 21 nights accommodation
              • 21 breakfasts
              • 15 dinners
              • 21 days with surf equipment
              • Level 2 Green Wave Surf Course 15 x 2 hours
              • Surf theory
              • Transport to surf lessons
              • 6 yoga classes
Level 2 - Yes, I managed to surf down the line

Lisa Tellbe


Stay at Camp La Paix, a hotel which has the area’s best rooftop terrace where we’ll eat, do yoga, and hang out in the sunset. Take advantage of great facilities at the camp. We offer everything from double rooms, dorms or apartments; everything so you can find the best option for your stay. Our camps have a minimum 18 year old age limit.

La Paix

Our camp is a small hotel in the city centre and has two amazing roof terraces where we eat, do yoga and relax after long hours of surf.

Season: All year
Suits: Level 1, 2, 3
Age: From 18 years


Misc information

Day of arrival

  • The day of arrival is Saturday, and the easiest is to travel to Agadir, although Marrakech is also a possible destination. Read more about the transportation from the airport further down the page.
  • Flights

    • There are many different alternatives and airlines. Check for example www.momondo.com or other simular sites for cheap flights.

TransFER to camp

We arrange transportation from both Agadir and Marrakech on the day of arrival. If you don’t have the exact time of arrival when you book your stay, you can always tell use later so we can arrange the transportation.


From Agadir

  • Lapoint arranges transportation for 15 EUR on the day of arrival, and will be timed with Norwegians’ flights from Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Other days and times we can arrange transportation which will cost 30 EUR.

From Marrakech

  • We can book a taxi for you which will set you back 100 EUR if you choose to fly to Marrakech. This taxi will have room for four people. We try to coordinate this if there’s more people flying to Marrakech at the same time. We recommend flying to Agadir if you’re travelling alone.


  • Both a breakfast buffet every morning and five dinners are included. The other dinners will be arranged for those who want to join, so you’ll always have someone to eat with, even if you’re travelling alone.

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