Level 2 - Green Wave Surf Courses

- You’re catching white water waves on a regular basis
- Get out to the lineup and surf green waves
- Learn how to go right and left on a wave

Who is this course for?

  • This level is designed for those of you that have passed our level 1 course or can catch and ride a white water waves on your own. Level 2 will focus on getting to the outside (lineup) in waist high waves and to ride the waves both right and left. The instructor will also create an encouraging learning platform where it’s important that we have as much fun as possible when out surfing.

What will I be learning?

    • We’ll teach you to catch green waves and ride the face of the wave instead of going straight in the white water. This means that you’ll be out in what’s called the lineup, and there are a lot of written and unwritten rules you need to know about this area. We’ll go through this and much more, and focus on you becoming a better surfer and having a great time while doing it.


What kind of waves will I be surfing?

  • We’ll be targeting waist high green waves, and catch them just when they’re about to break. Every day your instructor will take you to the surf spot that is best suited to catch as many green waves as possible.

Theory included

        • The lineup
        • In this course you will enter a new area of the water, called the lineup. In this region of the ocean all type of surfers except the beginners hang out. There are many written and unwritten rules to follow when you’re entering this region.

          Surf safety, Surf etiquette & priority rules
        • How to behave in the water, how to handle the crowd, how to position yourself in the lineup, how to know when it’s your turn to catch a wave, how to know where to position yourself when you take off on a wave, how to fall after you have surfed a wave, how and where to paddle back out to not be in the way or in the danger of hurting yourself or other surfers.

          Ocean awareness
        • In this course you will no longer just be on the inside / sand bank where it`s possible to stand and hold your board, you will now be on the outside where it’s deeper and not possible to stand on the bottom. Therefore it’s very important to know all the factors in the ocean; how the rips are running, how the tides are working, the waves, weather and conditions. We will refresh on all the aspects on the ocean, so you eventually can be on your own surfing different type of breaks. You’ll also get some info about some spots near the camp, where you can practice in between the surf lessons.

          Spot guiding
        • If your taking the level 2 course, you know by now that it’s not just to grab a board and jump in and surf. The local surf teacher will throughout the week take you to the best spot quality waves for this level 2 course. This means that you’ll get all the knowledge of what spots work best on different tides, swell directions and wind directions, so you can use your time not finding spots, but surfing the best ones at the correct time.

          Individual coaching
        • The coach will see these things you need to improve on and tell you what to do different in order to take your surfing to the next level.

          Surf equipment
        • There are many types of boards for different types of waves and levels of the surfer. You are in the zone where you might be ready to start looking at other boards than just the beginner longboard. The next step in line is the mini malibu – a short version of the longboard, you’ll be able to try this type of board during this week.

          Surf up to waist high green waves
        • The goal for this course is to be able to catch waves on your own, stand up and surf down the line on up to waist high waves both to both the left and right.
    • Surfing terms
    • Learn the language of surfing; face, down the line, speed, trimming, lefts/ rights, crowd etc.

      Board control in the lineup
    • Refresh how to position yourself on the board and how to paddle, handle, and sit on the board – this has to be perfect when entering the lineup.
    • Passing through the waves techniques
    • Turtle roll and duck dive.

    • Refresh the pop-up so this is perfect for catching a green wave, this has to be 100% perfect for you to be able to make it. The take-off is crucial when catching a green wave; it has to be done just after you feel that you are going down the face of the wave and before you reach the bottom.


What is the difference between level 2 and 3?
The level 2 course is meant as an introduction to the lineup and green waves. The goal is to be able to surf both right and left, while you on level 3 concentrate more on different manoeuvres on green waves. In level 3 you’ll also surf waves in a bit overhead conditions.

I have surfed once before, should I pick level 1 or 2? 

We would normally advise you to take level 1 if you’ve only surfed once before. This course is for you who’s riding white water waves on a regular basis and want to take it a step further,

I don’t have my own equipment, can I still join?
Yes, we will provide you with the equipment necessary to surf at the given location, that being either wetsuit, rash guard, and surfboard.


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