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Besides surf & kite, here are our top picks for extra activities, whether you're travelling with colleagues, classmates, or your local organization.

Ericeira, Portugal

  • – SUP
  • – Skatebowl and skate sessions
  • – Beach volleyball
  • – Day trip to a vineyard
  • – Sightseeing in Lisbon
  • – BBQ
  • – Yoga

Esposende, Portugal

  • – Surf
  • – Kitesurf
  • – Wakeboarding
  • – Mountain bike
  • – Windsurfing
  • – Hiking
  • – Porto
  • – Yoga


  • – Day trip to Paradise Valley
  • – Day trip to souk markets
  • – Horse riding
  • – Quad rentals
  • – Bonfire night
  • – Hammam massage
  • – Yoga


  • – Skate and longboard downhill
  • – Fishing
  • – Hiking in the mountains
  • – SUP
  • – Snorkeling
  • – Bonfire at the beach
  • – Sauna and woodfire jacuzzi
  • – Yoga

Our top 3 picks!

  1. 1. Wine tasting and a trip to a local vineyard

One thing Portugal is famous for is their excellent wine. An afternoon with friends in a local vineyard, sampling different wines and learn how it goes from grape to the glass. This family-owned vineyard outside Ericeira is absolutely a must visit, with stunning surroundings over the farm and trying out the best wines in the district you are bound to be impressed. After the guided trip you are welcome to purchase the wines you have tried out, excellent presents to bring home.


  1. 2. Sightseeing in Lisbon

Graffiti art, old castles, pasteis de natas, sightseeing, and shopping. Join us for a full day of Portugals best of the best culture, cuisine, and nightlife. Endless restaurants and cafes, interesting street art, plenty of shops and live entertainment, this city is buzzing. Choose to spend half days and walk around town, take the tram up to a viewpoint of the city and the panorama sight or spend the entire day and night and experience some of the best nightlife around in Europe.   


  1. 3. Skate sessions

Change your surfboard to a skateboard or a carver and rock at the skatepark. We have a small skate bowl at the camp and a larger one at the Quiksilver Boardriders shop 10 min cab ride from camp. Here you can rent all the equipment you need or sign up for a skating lesson, enjoy a cold drink in the bar, upgrade your wardrobe in the shop and enjoy the sunset and live music. The ultimate lay day chill activity for board lovers.

1. Surfing; perfect spot without any crowds

Perfect for learning and catching your first wave in the summer months. During spring and autumn the swell is bigger, and intermediate to advance surfers can enjoy perfect waves. The surf in the region still enjoys the pleasure of uncrowded beaches and the fact that some of the spots are inside a natural reserve will give you unforgettable experiences. Having different spots so close together gives us the opportunity each day to choose the one that gathers the best conditions for your specific level of surf.


2. Porto; sightseeing combined with wine tasting

Delicious!! Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and there is a lot to see and do. It is a captivating city, which perfectly blends history, traditions and modern Portuguese culture. Set on an undulating landscape, Porto provides architectural wonders, a quaint old town, stunning vistas and beautiful beaches.


3. Mountainbike

Starting from Esposende city center with an easy start along the beautiful river. On the way to the mountain, we pass small cozy villages with fruit trees and big gardens. We continue through the woods, and you can either speed up if you want to exercise or take it slow and enjoy the scenery. Our treat when reaching the top of the mountain, is a breathtaking view over Esposende and the ocean, while a tasty breakfast is being served. You will enjoy the ocean view during the entire downhill part, and you can feel the adrenaline pumping while speeding up.

1. Paradise Valley (season based)

Enjoy cooling down in the natural rock pools, cliff jumping and exploring the hinterlands of Morocco. It’s a one hour drive from Taghazout, but on the way up we will stop at a local argan oil factory. Fun fact: Argan oil is extracted from the hard nut of the argan tree, which only grown in the forest in Morocco! The healing effects of argan oil leave you with beautiful shiny hair and skin. Lunch is included in the day trip and to be enjoyed while watching the thrillseekers jumps from the biggest cliffs. Yum!


  1. 2. Souk markets in Agadir

Take a cultural dive into the mayhem of the biggest market in Agadir! Here you will find everything you ever wanted and more. Prepare to bargain and though sales tactics from the different shop owners, before you know if you have purchased Aladdin’s flying carpet without even blinking and five pairs of shoes and some spice. You will not be empty-handed walking out from here, make sure to keep space in your suitcase for awesome presents to bring home!


  1. 3. Imsouane – longboard heaven (season based)

Rent a car for the day and head to Imsouane, here you will find one of the longest rides in Africa! The laidback fishing village has a handful of nice cafes so enjoy a local Tagine and a cup of tea before you head out for second session. The trip takes about an hour by car from the camp. Team up with a group of friends and head out for a surf day, plenty of fantastic surf spots along the way and magnificent Moroccan scenery.

  1. 1. Hiking

Hoddevik is surrounded by spectacular mountains. From the closest mountaintop, you can watch the incredible scenery and check out the surf rolling into the bay. Hike trips from 1 hour to full day depending on your phase and interest. Several ancient viking trails and history can be explored in the area not far from Hoddevik. Make sure you pack your hiking boots!


  1. 2. SUP

Stormy Stadt can also be flat. That’s when we take out our Stand Up paddle boards and go exploring, fishing and snorkeling. If you paddle out of the bay you will discover plenty of untouched nature, caves, and sights. Find your inner peace at sea and practice balance and yoga on the SUP in the sunset followed by a hot wood fire sauna of course!


  1. 3. Skate and longboard

Driving down the slopey roads to Hoddevik is adrenalin itself. Try cruising down on a skateboard or longboard, even more fun! We have plenty of boards if you don’t bring your own gear, practice turnings and carving style downhill. This exercise is also quite useful for surfing and perfect lay day activity between the sets. At camp there is also a small skate ramp for endless fun, keep safe, wear a helmet!

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