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Why you need to visit Hoddevik this summer

Fill your summer plans with new adventures, new surf skills, and new friends! Set your google maps for the most beautiful surf destination in Norway and prepare for a real adventure. Welcome to our surf camp in Hoddevik!

Stadlandet & H-bay

Hoddevik, aka H-bay, is a tiny spot that leaves a big impression. The majestic mountains hugging the little bay will sooner or later lure you on to several hikes and invite you to explore more hidden gems in the area. If you're interested in history and iconic sites, Stadlandet has plenty: Check out Selje and Selja Monastery. Explore Ervik for hikes and history. Drive to Vestkapp, Norway's most western point. Supposedly it's one of the most spectacular lookouts in the area! You can also just stick around in Hoddevik. There is enough to discover and activities to do around the camp close by and of course, there is surfing!

How to get to Lapoint Surfcamp Hoddevik

There are many ways to get to Hoddevik, and the journey is always adventurous!

- Bus service from most big cities ( the buss will stop at Bryggja skule, Vågsøy. From here it's 1 hour to the camp

- Ferry Ålesund - Måløy, about 5 hours ( From Måløy  it's 1.5h to the camp

- Ferry Bergen - Seje, about 5 hours ( From Selje it's 40 min to the camp

- Plane Ålesund Vigra, Ørstad/Volda or Sandane lufthavn. You need to catch a local bus or rent a car for the last bit to the camp

- Driving your own vehicle takes you all the way to camp and there are parking spots available at the camp

- There is no bus out to Hoddevik. For all public transport options listed above, you will arrive in either Selje, Maurstad, Måløy, or Vågsøy. From there you need to book a taxi to get to Hoddevik

Summertime magic

Spend your vacation on a surfboard catching waves at one of Norway's most iconic, beautiful surf destinations this summer. Learn some new surf skills and come hang out. Connect with nature and disconnect with all the rest. This is one of the most remote places in Norway, it's hard to explain the raw awesomeness and easier if you come to see for yourself. Hoddevik is a destination you have to experience,  the uniqueness, the surroundings, and the vibe is like no other place. Taking it all in from a surfboard is in our opinion the absolute best way!

The water doesn't feel cold in the wetsuit, so you can surf for hours! If you had enough surf for today there are several activities to do within walking distance or simply relax on the beach or at the camp. The long summer nights allow many activities to fit into the days in Hoddevik.

The sun sets between the mountains in the middle of the ocean in the late hours. This spectacular view can especially be enjoyed from the terrace at camp Utsikten. Join us for a sunset hangout at the terrasse before bedtime, or stay up a little longer to stargaze throughout the night and replay in your mind all the things you have done today. Usually, it can only be summed up with two words: good times!

Things to do 

You will never be bored in Hoddevik or lack options. Peace out or have fun! Besides surfing, basking in the sun, and having a heck of a good time at the campsite, we encourage you to grab your new surf buddies and go for adventures in the bay! 

Activities in Hoddevik:

- Longboard down the windy roads and practice carving skills. 

- Hike any mountain around, they will all provide stunning views and blooming surroundings. The closest mountain Mosekleivhornet (540 meters above sea level) has marked tracks along the way. From the top you will enjoy an unreal panoramic view, bring your camera for the iconic shots.

- Play beach volleyball and hang out in the white sand dunes. 

- Go fishing and catch tonight's dinner. 

- Swim in the ocean and jump from the pier down at the bay. The water temperature is usually 15 - 16 degrees during summer and feels nice and cool after an active day in the sun. 

- Grab our Stand Up Paddleboards and SUP-safari along the cliffs, bring scuba masks to explore below the surface. 

- Nordic Ocean Watch has a unique marine recycling facility in Hoddevik called Tavaha-løa and is definitely worth a visit. If you see plastic on your adventures, please return to humankind. Any plastic from the ocean can be recycled here. This is called “Tavaha” <3

- Do you prefer to chill out instead? No problem! The local coffee shop Kafé Strandro is only a short walk from the camp. 

- Sign up for a yoga class in the old barn by the beach. A local yogi offers drop-in classes during summertime for locals and visitors. Perfect to compliment your yin to your yang, after a day of surfing and action.

What to bring

During July the temperature ranges from about 15-22 degrees during the day and a little cooler at the nights. In Stadt, the weather changes rapidly, take this in mind when packing for the trip. Remember to pack solid hike wear for all the adventures, swimwear for the beach days, and warm clothes for the cool summer nights. Other handy items to bring are a camera, fishing gear, skate or longboard, flashlight, scuba mask, sleeping bag, and food and snacks for the stay.

Feel home at our camp

We have two different housing options for our guests; Innsikten and Utsikten. The vibe is cozy and the setting is simple. The guests share facilities and a kitchen, which usually ends up in joint dinner parties and BBQs on the long summer nights. The best thing about the camp is perhaps meeting other guests, sharing the surf stoke, and hanging out. It doesn't matter if you are traveling alone or with someone, you will always find new mates at the Lapoint camps. If you are a family or group of friends you can also rent the entire cabin Utsikten for a more intimate, exclusive experience. 

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