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Top 10 things to consider when choosing a surf camp

If you're a beginner who wants to learn how to surf, booking a surf camp is a great idea. But what is a surf camp? And how will you know which camp and which instructors are the best? Here are our top tips on how to choose the best camp for you!

You will have a blast in the ocean and meet friends from all over the world. The surf instructors will guide you in the water and the crew at the surf camp will provide a great experience outside of the waves. – Welcome to life at a surf camp!

What is a surf camp? 

A surf camp, also known as surf hotels, is exactly what the name reveals; it's a camp that centres around surfing. Located at some of the best surf locations in the world, the surf camp will provide everything you need for a surf holiday. Surfing sessions, accommodation and food are the three main things you may think of — but the surf camp experience can be much more than that!

You will meet new friends and have a good time, it's an adventure to remember forever.

How will I know which surf camp to choose?

There are surf camps all over the world, that all range in price and quality. There are a number of things to think about, like the accommodation standards, travel documents and wave conditions.

We list our top 10 things to consider:

3. Living costs: What's your surf camp budget?

Making a budget for your surf holiday might be a good idea, and will keep you from overspending on your trip. Keep in mind that the costs of the different countries can differ quite a lot from each other, you will find cheaper meals and transport in Bali than you will in Norway. Have a quick check for prices for a beer, groceries and a cup of coffee.

4. Standards of accommodation: What's included in the surf camp?

Check what’s included in the price before booking surf camp. Some questions you can ask yourself before pressing the “book”-button are:

  • Will the surf camp provide airport pickup?

  • Will the surf camp provide food? Are there vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options?

  • How's the room situation? Will I share with other people or have a private room? Will the bathrooms and showers be private or shared?

  • Will the surf camp provide wetsuits and surf equipment or do you need to rent it for a fee?

  • Will the surf camp provide free transport to the surf locations?

  • Will there be free parking? Car rentals? Bike rentals?

  • Will the camp have AC, free WiFi and laundry services?

  • Will the surf camp have a pool and a gym facility? 

  • Will there be photographers and videographers around to capture your first wave?

  • Will the surf camp give information for city trips or exploring tours? 

  • Does the surf camp provide activities like game nights, yoga sessions and day trips?

7. Weather check: What’s the air and water temperature?

How important is the weather forecast and temperature for you? Some places require wetsuits all year round, others provide warm temperatures throughout every season. If you dream about sunny surf lessons in your swimwear, then booking your surf camp in the colder rainy season might not be the best idea. 

8. The paperwork: Which Visas and documents do I need?

We have reached the most boring point on the list. Although, this will likely be the difference between jumping on the plane or getting stopped at the gate. Having all your documents in order is important. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do I need a Visa for travelling to this destination? Are there other documents I should have?

  • What kind of insurance do I need? Will it cover surfing?

  • Do I need any vaccinations?

  • How long does my passport need to be valid?

  • Find out what the local currency is and if you should withdraw cash before you go. 

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