The story of Lapoint - How it all started

This is a story about four people who shared one dream. The dream of creating a life where every day would feel like the days they spent in the waves during a surf trip almost 20 years ago. Here’s the story of Lapoint.

It all began in 2006, in the picturesque surf village of Ericeira. Where the childhood friends Sebastian Kjellström and Peter Hanssen went on a surf trip that would change their lives forever. They were staying at a surf camp where they met Alexandre Grilo, he was working at the camp and the three instantly hit it off. And the good times kept on going all through their stay. 

The initial two-week trip ended up lasting six weeks. During the last surf session at the very end of the trip, with a light fog and nobody else in the lineup, it became clear to Sebastian and Peter that they didn't want to leave Ericeira. 

While walking back on the beach Sebastian put words to their mutual feeling, “life should feel like this every day”, which sparked the idea of starting a surf camp. A few months later, Sebastian and Alexandre came up with Lapoint. Peter joined in on the surf camp idea and shortly after so did their old friend Göran Sivertsson.

In 2008, the doors to their surf camp in Ericeira opened, and hosted around 200 guests the first year.

The original philosophy of the guys behind Lapoint has stayed the same since that foggy surf session in Ericeira almost 20 years ago. 

– Lapoint started with the idea of taking people out of their normal life. Away from their daily job and give them something else for a week. I feel like a lot of guests change when they come to Lapoint. They feel like they are a part of the family. I feel like, at Lapoint, you are free to be your true self, said our Global Surf Manager João Durao

Here’s the story of Lapoint, the untold stories, the challenging times, and over 15 years of memories.

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