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Q&A about the Maldives with our head coach João Durão

Meet João Durão, the surf coach for our upcoming Maldives trip! With 14 years of surf experience, João lives for the stoke and get goosebumps helping people catching the best waves of their life. And, what better place to do it than in the Maldives?!

We had a chat with him about the trip, and in the end, we all just wanted to come along ourselves and cruise off into the horizon.

What’s the group dynamic like?

The family vibe is strong, so you’ll feel like you belong in no time! Our guests tend to be very open-minded and positive, keen to get to know each other and making the most of the trip. Many travels by themselves! Sharing waves, meals & moments together, as well as those once-in-a-lifetime surf experiences, will def connect us. Also, the staff is great and will make sure you feel welcome and have everything you need!

What types of waves can we expect?

Believe me when I say; some of the most perfect waves in the world! Perfect reef pointbreaks (lefts and rights) for all types of levels. Long rides surfing in bikini and shorts. I personally love this trip so much – it’s like the ultimate surf dream!

What if my surf skills don't match up with the other surfers? Will I still be able to surf the same waves?

So, we go all in to find the best waves for the group, and then we follow up with individual feedback and instruction. Since we usually have multiple sessions per day, we try different spots to match everyone ́s needs and likes! My goal is that every single surfer has fun and get to progress. I try to both inspire and challenge, so you can catch the best waves of your life!

What do you love about this trip?

Living on a boat surrounded by beautiful islands, 28 degrees crystal clear water, surfing perfect offshore waves with few people, and enjoying awesome sunsets and freshly caught fish in the evening. What is it not to love?:) For me, this trip is so unique and something I’m super excited about! I can ́t wait to meet the guests and to show them the Maldives.

The look on people ́s faces when we cruise off and see the turquoise lagoons and waves for the first time, makes me smile every time. I feel so lucky to be able to share the stoke with them!

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