Hoddevik bay

Pack your wetsuite - we're hiring in Norway

Imagine surfing in stunning nature, surrounded by tall mountains, every day for an entire season. Hoddevik in Norway is home to some of the most majestic landscape in Northern Europe and offers great opportunities for surfers to explore. We took at chat with current Camp Manager Maja on how life is for a Lapoint’er in Hoddevik, since we’re currently organizing the crew for the camp for 2017, being surf instructors, social hosts and camp manager.

Hi Maja, thanks for providing us with first-hand insights on life in Hoddevik. You have been working at the camp the entire season – what has that been like for you?

 – Working as camp manager has been both amazing and challenging, and that’s why I love it. A normal day’s work can be everything form motivating staff, answer emails, hiking up the mountain or maybe fixing the dishwasher. Everything goes.

What’s your take on cold water surfing now that you have experienced it for a longer period of time? Ups? Downs?

– Cold water surfing is absolutely amazing. The wetsuit, with hoodie, gloves and boots, is your best friend and let you experience what otherwise would have been impossible. Once again, being surrounded by snowy mountains can’t be compared to anything. The paddling becomes a bit harder though, but that just means you get even stronger in the process!

How is it like to be a small and tight team of colleagues, having a bunch of surf stoked guests stopping by each week? 

 – The team has definitely become like family and they are the most important aspect to make the camp a great place for us and the guests. I’ve had a blast working with everyone this season, and it’s fantastic how different we all are and how we come together with surfing.

What is your favourite thing about a cold water destination like Hoddevik?

 – Hoddevik is great in so many ways, but surfing with the magical surroundings is my absolute favourite. The mountains, sea, sun, snow and sunsets plunging straight into the ocean. Sitting in the line-up amazes me every time.

How has the surf been this season? 

– This season’s surf has been great! A massive variety of waves. Big, small, long peelers, the occasional barrel and a few messy storms. I’ve learned so much coming here as a beginner, but these eight months have given me so much and I can’t wait to continue surfing and learning even more. 

Do you have any tips or recommendations for our new camp manager and Lapoint crew for the 2017 season?

 – Have fun with it! Enjoy living in a house where all of your yet unknown best friends drop by to visit and get to know them while surfing and having fun. Love the challenges of the everyday work, as you never know what its going to bring you. And, you will have the time of your life!

hoddevik beach sunset

The absolute most important aspect of these jobs is that you have fun and make sure that our guests are having the time of their life. Does this sound like something for you? Go check our open positions and apply for the job that you feel suits you the best. We look forward hearing from you!


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