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Making the most of your surf camp experience in Costa Rica

There are many reasons why Costa Rica is one of the world's top surf destinations; the all-year-round surfing, the tropical weather and the Pura Vida philosophy. Here's what you need to know to make your surf camp experience in Costa Rica amazing.

Costa Rica is a surfers paradise located in Central America. Here you will find white beaches, great surf spots and you might get to see the rich diversity in wildlife and underwater life. You will have as much of a blast in the turquoise water as during the day trips with adventure-filled activities.

Here's why Costa Rica is the perfect surf camp destination

So, why should you choose Costa Rica as your next surfing destination? Well, Costa Rica got something for every level surfer with its wide variations of surf locations on its massive coastlines. Here are four reasons why we think Costa Rica is a surfer's paradise:

Beautiful weather and warm waters

Costa Rica provides a hot climate all year round due to the fact that it's located close to the Equator. The sea has a yearly average temperature of 28,5 degrees Celsius, so it's safe to say that you don't need to bring a wetsuit!

Costa Rica = Pura Vida

In Costa Rica, you will get familiar with the philosophy of “Pura Vida”, which is Spanish for “pure life”. It expresses happiness, relaxation and a celebration of life. Some argue that this optimistic philosophy is the key reason why Costa Rica ranks as the 16th happiest country in the world.

Things to keep in mind when booking a surf camp in Costa Rica

  • Make sure to book your spot at the surf camp early, the spots can fill up pretty fast at popular camps. 

  • Don’t forget your sunscreen! The sun is strong in Costa Rica.

  • It is more expensive to visit Costa Rica during the dry season than the rainy season. 

  • Costa Rica doesn't have a standardized address system, so using a GPS is a bit trickier than in other countries. A navigation tip is to locate the city you are in and find specific landmarks that are close to your destination, or simply ask someone for help. 

Explore Costa Rica – What to do when you're not surfing

Even if you want to, you can’t be in the waves around the clock. But don’t worry, there are many fun activities to do in Costa Rica. Most surf camps offer day trips that you can add to your experience, activities like:

  • Ziplining with a view over the jungle

  • Swimming under a waterfall

  • Horseback riding on the beach

  • Have a beach day at one of the many beaches (all Costa Rica’s beaches are free for the public!)

  • Snorkelling in the turquoise water​​

  • Taking a dip in one of the tide pools

Check this out for more information on which activities Lapoint offers.

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