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  • El Salvador was recently ranked as one of the best countries to visit in 2023


El Salvador was recently ranked as one of the best countries to visit in 2023

We're so excited that one of our newest destinations has been picked as one of the best places to travel to in 2023! Lonely Planet's Best in Travel list highlights the most unique, upcoming, and amazing destination everyone will be talking about in the coming year – and El Salvador made the cut. 

This is how Lonely Planet put it, and we couldn't agree more: "Rejuvenated and forward-looking, there is a momentum building in this stunningly beautiful Central American country. El Salvador's idyllic beaches are catching the attention of professional surfers from around the world. The country is quietly becoming the place where those in the know come to catch waves and hone their surfing skills."

Our surf camp is located in the small town of El Sunzal – an amazing base for exploring everything El Salvador has to offer. Of all the awesome camps we have, the location of this one is truly special. You literally have waves at your doorstep, as the camp is located on the beach – right in front of an epic surf spot. You can actually wake up and check the conditions from your balcony! When you're not catching waves, you can explore hidden beaches, hike majestic volcanos, swim in dramatic waterfalls, and be awe-struck by beautiful natural Parks.

So if you want a surf adventure with a local flavour, secret surf spots, and wild nature, this is where to go. Off the beaten path but still with world-class surf, makes this destination one of the last surf paradises. Escape the crowds and go before everyone else!

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