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Curious about why we choose Fuerteventura for our new surf camp?

With epic surf, a unique island vibe, azure blue water and dramatic volcanos, the destination of our new camp make the ultimate base for an unforgettable surf adventure! This is why we choose Fuerteventura and what makes the destination great for all year round adventures.

Why did you choose Fuerteventura and not another island?

The Canary Islands are for many synonymous with charter travels, but on Fuerteventura and in Lajares where our camp is located, we guarantee you will find a different vibe. Geographically, the Canary Islands are located between Europe and Africa - and that reflects the feeling you get when you are here. It's not like Spain or the Canary Islands, but neither is it like Africa. It's simply Fuerte - with mighty volcanoes, desert landscapes and superb surfing.

And why Lajares?

Lajares is an oasis in the desert, with a nice vibe and close to all the surf spots. The town is small but has everything you need, such as cozy cafes and charming bars. Best of all, it is located midway between three coastal sides, so regardless of conditions, we find fun surfing at a short distance.

What level do I need to be able to surf here?

"Suitable for all levels" is a statement that may suit Fuerteventura more than any of our other destinations. With three different sides of the coast within a 10-minute distance of the camp, there is something for everyone. No matter what the conditions are, you can surf here every day, regardless if you are a beginner or a ripper.

Is Fuerteventura best in summer or winter?

From beginners to average surfers, you can go at any time of the year and have fun surfing. If you are an experienced surfer, winter is a better choice due to less wind, even if you will be able to surf every day also in the middle of summer.

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