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7 reasons to visit our surf camp in Hoddevik, Norway this summer

When thinking of surfing, locations like Bali or Costa Rica may be what come to mind. But did you know that Norway has amazing surf? Surfing in Norway may be something you never even knew was possible, so it may come as a surprise that you can find great waves surrounded by breathtaking nature in Hoddevik, a hidden surf gem. Here are our top reasons to travel to our surf camp in Hoddevik this summer. 

On Sunday the 19th of June we opened the surf camp for the summer season and are beyond ready to catch the nordic waves again! This summer we want to fill our days with adventures, hikes and of course; surfing. Are you ready to kick off the summer season with us? Welcome to Hoddevik!

Where is Hoddevik?

Our surf camp is in the bay of Hoddevik. This small village is located in Stadlandet, Norway. It is a beautiful bay on the western coast of Stadlandet peninsula surrounded by high mountains. Approximately a nine-hour drive from the capital city of Oslo.

Top 7 reasons to visit our surf camp in Hoddevik

We had a chat with Katrine Ødeskaug, the destination manager and one of the surf instructors at our camp in Norway. Together with her, we list our top seven reasons to pay the camp a visit this summer. 

What are the best parts about surfing in Norway?

– I think that the best part is that it is sustainable to travel by car/bus in your own country and many surf spots have a relatively empty and beginner-friendly lineup. Hoddevik has amazing small and fun soft top and longboard waves during summer, which is perfect for goofing around in the water with your friends, said Ødeskaug.

The camp just opened on the 19th of June! Are you ready for the summer season? 

– We are super excited that the camp has opened again, it has been a fun and fast process and the camp looks so good now! Working here is a blast, we live in an amazing surf destination where we get to surf every day. And we have an amazing team and, of course, amazing guests coming! Said Ødeskaug.

Do you want to know more about our surf camp in Hoddevik? Check it out here.

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