Surf Camp Norway

With majestic mountains and deep fjords, this destination is surely one of the most unique surf destinations out there.

Why Norway?

Split in two by the arctic circle, Norway’s usually not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of surfing, but with its grand landscapes it never stops to amaze. Among old viking settlements lays some of the most picturesque surf spots in world, which offers great waves for both beginner and experienced surfers. Chill with a BBQ after having surfed for hours, and enjoy nature at its finest with great people in this unique surf destination.

What the surf camp offers

Lapoint promises a buzzing atmosphere and meeting new people. This is what we guarantee - the rest is very much up to you. Some people spend all their time in the water, while others take the opportunity to relax or try other activities. There are many things to do at each surf retreat besides surfing, so we promise that you’ll have a blast during your stay with us. Each surfcamp offers its own local flavor, unique culture, and an amazing staff.

Surf Packages in Norway

Pick the package suited for your level of surfing and take advantage of our experienced instructors who’ll school you on your level.

Level 1

Basic - no lessons

Awesome place, awesome instructors, awesome nature, awesome waves, awesome life!! :-)

Tina Borge Kvalsvik

Accommodation in Norway

Shangri-La is defined as an imaginary paradise on earth. For us working at Lapoint, Shangri-La has many different faces. Hoddevik is definitely one of them. Lapoint started up with surf retreats in Hoddevik in 2008, and most of our guests keep on coming back every single year. A surf trip to Hoddevik is a unique experience unlike any other place on earth.

Villa Utsikten

With the best view in Hoddevik, Villa Utsikten gives you the best of both nature and accommodation.

Season: March - November
Suits: Level 1, 2
Age: From 18 years.


Villa Innsikten

Villa Innsikten is a traditional building that blends in with its surroundings and is perfectly situated within walking distance of the beach.

Season: March - November
Suits: Level 1, 2
Age: From 18 years