Surf Camp Morocco

Dive into this dynamic African country and get a taste of an unique culture by the surf camp in Taghazout while surfing the waves of your life.

WHY morocco?

This diverse getaway is well-known for its vibrant culture and amazing landscape. Located in the very north-west of Africa, this fascinating country is a melting pot of several cultures and can offer a beautiful landscape as a backdrop. Whether you want to surf great waves, ranging from beginner to world class, or just visit a local marketplace, Morocco will surely impress you.


Lapoint promises a buzzing atmosphere and meeting new people. This is what we guarantee - the rest is very much up to you. Some people spend all their time in the water, while others take the opportunity to relax or try other activities. There are many things to do at each surf retreat besides surfing, so we promise that you’ll have a blast during your stay with us. Each surf retreat offers its own local flavor, unique culture, and an amazing staff.

Surf Packages in morocco

Pick the package suited for your level of surfing and take advantage of our experienced instructors who’ll school you on your level.

Level 1

Basic - no lessons

Overall it was an amazing experience =)

Theis Smedegaard

Accommodation in Morocco

Surf camp Morocco is situated in Taghazout, which is the very heart of the Moroccan surfing paradise. It’s strategically placed amid the country’s best surf spots, just north of the bigger city of Agadir. The waves here goes on and on, and you’re certain to find a suitable wave whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer. With only 50 meters to the sea from the camp, the surf is always easy to get to.

La Paix

Our camp is a small hotel in the city centre and has two amazing roof terraces where we eat, do yoga and relax after long hours of surf.

Season: October - April
Suits: Level 1, 2, 3
Age: From 18 years