Surf Camp Bali - Indonesia

Are you ready for surf camps among beautiful beaches and perfect waves in warm, boardshorts friendly water? Our surf camps are all located in great spots around the world, but Bali is and always will be special to us.

A surf trip to Bali

There’s a reason why millions of people travel to this Indonesian island every year; the postcard sceneries are all around you and everywhere you turn. With its unique culture, remarkable landscape, great surf schools and chill vibe, Bali does not only offer incredible surf, but also an experience that will last you a lifetime.


Lapoint promises a buzzing atmosphere and meeting new people. This is what we guarantee - the rest is very much up to you. Some people spend all their time in the water, while others take the opportunity to relax or try other activities. There are many things to do at each surf retreat besides surfing, so we promise that you’ll have a blast during your stay with us. Each surfcamp offers its own local flavor, unique culture, and an amazing staff.

Our surf camps in Bali

We have two different surf camps in Indonesia, both on Bali and both are absolutely magnificent. One of them is in Canggu, north of Kuta and Seminyak, and can provide you with everything you need, while still having a relaxed atmosphere. Our second camp is in Bingin, which is located among world famous surf breaks on the Bukit peninsula, south of Kuta. The area surrounding the Bingin camp is more lush and somewhat more calm than the Canggu camp. Both of our surf camps in Bali delivers good times and great waves. Take a look at which one you think fit your surf trip the best.