Gony Zubizarreta & Marlon Lipke sign with Lapoint Surf Camps

Lapoint Surf Camps is all about good times and enjoying quality surf at our surf camps around the world. Therefore it was a no brainer to sign two of Europe’s best and happy-go-lucky surfers; Gony Zubizarreta & Marlon Lipke. – …
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Life at the surf camp in Sri Lanka

Check out how it is to hang and live at the surf camp in Sri Lanka. SRI LANKA SOUNDS AWESOME!    

15 % off on Sri Lanka, Bali & Costa Rica

We’re now offering previous guests 15 % off on the next surf trip to either Sri Lanka, Costa Rica or Bali, as long as you book a surf trip before 31st August 2017. This goes for bookings with arrival dates…
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Adventures in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers a ton of possibilities when it comes to lay day activities. Check out this epic edit that shows off just a couple of the things you can fill your warm water surf getaway with. SRI LANKA SOUNDS…
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Why go kitesurfing in Sardinia?

Three kiters about why return to they prefer Sardinia as kiteboarding holiday destination and what makes them come back to the same spot every year   JAMES BOULDING  Manchester, England. “I have never had a bad trip to Sardinia and…
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I kited every day

“Neretva is a special place that one can only dream off, and you have to search for a long time to find anything similar.”     Travel letter – 2 weeks in Croatia – Valentin Launay   The first week…
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Marthe quit her office job to chase the kite dream

  It was love at first sight: Marthe’s passion for kiting started on a beach in Zanzibar and eventually made her resign her 9-4 job to chase perfect wind around the world. She has many tips to those who want…
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Where are the most ideal surfing locations?

Are you looking for a surfing location to head to and relax at this summer? Of course you are. Surfing is one of the most exhilarating sports that you can enjoy, and with a huge number of awe-inspiring locations around…
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The winners of Youth Surf Camp SoMe competition

Summer is just around the corner, which means time for another year of the epic Lapoint Youth Camp. We’re looking at another summer filled with surf, sun, games, ping pong tournaments and plenty of laughs and #goodtimes. We’ve thrown a…
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The winners of Surf Camp Portugal SoMe competition

The summer is right around the corner, and the sun is already warm and shining down in Europe’s Mecca of surfing; Portugal. The Lapoint Surf Camp Portugal has been on fire so far, and is set to provide plenty of…
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