Lapoint surf camps

Our camps around the world are synonymous with good times, chill vibe, outgoing people, and amazing surf and sceneries.

What is a surf camp?

For us, a surf camp is a place where you not only have accommodation in a great location, but also really get the sense, the chill vibe, and meet similar minded people that love the culture of surfing. Our camps come as a package: accommodation, meals, surf course, activities, and facilities, all in our high standard housings across the globe. The amazing staff at the camps live and breath surf, and will make sure that you have everything you need to have a great and fun stay. That being said: you’re at all time free to do whatever you want when staying with us (as long as you follow the rules of the camps), so don’t feel pressured to follow any programs or schedules.

the camps

Whether you like cold or warm water surf, desert or tropical climate, big city life or a remote island – we have them all. Our camps in Bali, Sri Lanka, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, and Costa Rica all have a local flavor, which means that although they all offer the highest of standards in terms of accommodation they also have their own uniqueness to add to the experience. The camps also have different kinds of rooms, facilities, and social activities – just pick the one that seems the most attractive to you!

what to expect?

Lapoint promises a buzzing atmosphere, plenty of surf, and meeting new people. This is what we guarantee – the rest is very much up to you. Some people spend all their time in the water, while others take the opportunity to relax or try other activities. There are many things to do in the different locations besides surfing, so we promise that you’ll have a blast during your stay with us. Each destination offers its own local flavor, unique culture, and an amazing staff.

Awesome place, awesome instructors, awesome nature, awesome waves, awesome life! :-)

Tina Borge Kvalsvik


Bali - Indonesia

Sri Lanka

Costa Rica